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-Yesterday after an official missed an obvious personal foul on the offense during a scrimmage. Defensive coordinator, Pat Narduzzi, sneaked behind the official and threw the flag for him. The official didn't seem as amused as Narduzzi and the defensive staff.

-The present UC football scoreboard will be going to the baseball field, and the baseball scoreboard will be going to the soccer field.

-Today's practice was full gear but focused on special team play.

-I remember one of the great Penn State linebackers once told his NFL team that he would play the games for free, but they were going to have to pay him a lot of money to practice. I don't think Tony Carvitti feels the same way. Yesterday before practice Carvitti hammed it up by punting. Today he warmed up by throwing the football lefthanded with long snapper Patrick Farsing. Although he again struggled, he's much better throwing a football lefthanded than punting it.

-Coach Dantonio was not happy at all about today's effort, early in practice. He chewed out a couple guys and eventually stopped practice to refocus the squad.

-These dozen practices have taken their toll on the health of the squad, especially at the linebacker position. Here's a list of linebackers that either didn't practice, wore a yellow or green jersey, or couldn't finish practice: Tyjuan Jones, Ryan Manalac, Leo Morgan, Lamonte Nelms, and Anthony Williams.

-Other guys limited or unable to practice included Jordan Roth (DT), Earnest Jackson (WR), John Bowie (CB), Brad Bury (FB), Marcus Winston (FB), Steve Eastlake (OT), Derrik Haithcock (DE), and Walter Dudley (CB). All totaled, twelve guys were unable to practice at all.

-Ex-Bearcat placekicker, Chris Manfredini, appears on the TCU football roster this spring.

-Mike Priefer, assistant special teams coach for the New York Giants, was one of the key speakers today at the coaches' clinic. Coach Priefer gave a few tips to UC's kickers.

-The #1 line backing crew today consisted of Nick DeFilippo, Kevin McCullough, and Jon Carpenter.

-Mike Daniels (RB) provides a great change of pace at running back, but he also fumbled twice today. One time was unforced as he fumbled right into Jon Carpenter's arms.

-Some of today's punt returners and kick returners included Mike Daniels, Carl Jones, Carlos Simpson, and Haruki Nakamura.

-Brad Bury worked as a long snapper.

-Xenia High School recruit, Cedric Tolbert, attended practice.

-On the first play of the 7 on 7 drill, Dustin Grutza (QB) hit Derick Ross (WR) in stride for a 40 yard completion.

-Carlos Simpson (WR) stood out with a couple nice plays today.

-Derick Ross had a 60 yard kickoff return on a reverse. In fact, the kicking scrimmage was full of trick plays. Coach Minter would have had a heart attack.

-Today's longest field goal was by Kevin Lovell from 47 yards out.

-Redshirt walk-on, Brandon Yingling (Mason), showed off his leg today hitting several field goals from the 35-45 yard range. The other placekicker, Del Greco, also showed some promise.

-Redshirt walk-on Kevin Huber (McNick) again impressed me with his powerful leg, but Brain Steele had the punt of the scrimmage when he hit one for over 50 yards while standing at the endline of the end zone. Otherwise, Steele had an off day.

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