We have the "Big" news from Bearcat football practice, plus some "Big" news about how you can get your hands on the very first Bearcat Insider Magazine.

-As of today, the spring game format will be a regular game. With all the injuries, I thought they might change the format, but Tom Hathaway, assistant AD-media relations, said they are still planning to have a regular game on Saturday.

-I missed the beginning of practice, but it was a scrimmage day.

-Partially due to all the injuries at linebacker, Anthony Hoke played OLB today. We'll have a story on Hoke in the next few days.

-Adam Roberts (DE) had three sacks today. Twice he beat Khalil El-Amin (OT) for the sacks. Roberts sacks Grutza twice and Spitzer once.

-Jon Carpenter (LB) and Haruki Nakamura (DB) sacked Grutza during a scramble. Haruki also picked up a Grutza fumble after Roberts sacked him and retruned it about 35 yards.

-Jordan Roth (DT) and Butler Benton (RB) will definitely not play in Saturday's game.

-The one offensive linemen getting the most reps with the #1's is Matt Webster (OL), but he seemed a bit banged up at the end of practice today.

-J.P. Simon (OT) and Khalil El-Amin (OT) shared reps at Eastlake's spot on the O-line since Eastlake didn‘t scrimmage.

-I would say the QB battle has shifted to the #2 spot. Dustin Grutza sure seems to be the #1 guy, but Spitzer and Davila shared time at #2.

-K.L. Smith (CB) was with the #1's at cornerback opposite Antoine Horton.

-The #2 O-line looked to be El-Amin, Bolton, Yakovac, Canfield, and Straub-from left to right, but I'd be shocked if several of these guys don't see significant playing time next year.

-With Anthony Hoke at linebacker today, Mike Brown saw considerable time with the #1's at DE.

-Kevin McCullough (LB) spent considerable time in the QB's face but got no sacks.

-The #1 linebacking crew was Hoke, McCullough, and Carpenter. The #2 group looked to be DeFilippo, Morgan and Craig. Leo Morgan returned to full action. Angelo Craig is a very tall (6‘5"), rangy linebacker with a nasty streak. If he can put on a little more weight (only 205 lbs.), he could push for a job next year.

-Tim Hinton was really getting after his running backs today.

-Adam Hoppel (DT) and Jamie Wimmer (DT) each sacked Davila today.

-Redshirt freshman punter, Kevin Huber, explained that he's gone from three steps to two steps and his punting has really improved. With Chet Ervin entering his senior year, Huber could make a push for the job in 2006.

-The big play offensively was a 40 yard completion from Davila to Antwuan Giddens. We'll have a story on Giddens in the next few days.

-I didn't think Grutza had one of his better days, and I thought the offense as a whole looked below average. There was a lot of pressure put on the QB's today.

-Kevin Lovell kicked two 47 yard field goals. One with the wind and one against it.

-Two new players at practice included a DT named Charles Harbin, and a player already enrolled at UC that will suit up in the fall named Donald Henderson. Henderson said he was a safety in high school but UC is looking at him as an athlete.



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