SCOUT.COM AND BCI DRAFT DAY LOOK looked at several former Bearcats entered in this years NFL Draft. Heres a look.

Here's what has to say about prospective draftees from UC including height, weight and 40 speed.

Gino Guidugli 6' 3.5"-- 229 lbs.--5.08

Positives: Nice sized pocket passer. Productive on the college level. Patient. Displays a good awareness and remains poised under pressure. Accurate over the middle, hits receivers as they are coming out of their pass routes and nicely places the passes. Looks off the safety, sets up screen throws and works to make positive plays.

Negatives: Not quick setting up in the pocket or throwing on the move. Lacks an explosive release. Makes poor decisions, forces the ball into coverage and throws a lot of bad passes.

Analysis: Possesses the physical tools to be a prototypical pocket passes on the next level. Guidugli is a competitive signal caller and respected leader. Productive on the college level. He must significantly improve his decision making and defensive reads to have any shot in the NFL.

Projection: free agent

BCI NOTES: Gino has seen several teams show interest in his services.  Look for a possible late round pick.

Richard Hall 5' 11"--205 lbs.--4.65

Positives: Hard working ball carrier who projects as a 3rd down back in the NFL. Patient runner who finds the cut back lanes, keeps his feet moving up the field. Solid receiver with reliable hands.

Negatives: Not a big strong back who picks up yardage off initial contact or displays the ability to create when nothing is available. Lacks the speed to get around the corner and best in a straight line.

Analysis: Marginally productive carrying the ball, the ability to catch the pass out of the backfield gives Hall a slight shot at the next level.

Projection: free agent

BCI NOTES: Things have been quite for Richard, feel Free Agent is where he will be.

Clint Stickdorn 6' 5"--321 lbs.--5.39

Positives: Big, strong blocker best in confined quarters. Patient, strong at the point and controls opponents once engaged in a block. Intelligent. Immediately picks up blitzes and works well with teammates. Extends hands into opponents and gets movement from run blocks.

Negatives: Lacks adjustment and blocking range. Beaten by speedy edge rushers. Not comfortable in space.

Analysis: A lineman with size and growth potential. Stickdorn displays a good feel for the position yet is a limited athlete who will have difficulty being anything other than a reserve at the next level.

Projection: free agent

BCI NOTES: Looks to be a free agent.

Trent Cole 6' 2.5"--236 lbs.--4.77

Positives: Undersized collegiate defensive end that projects to linebacker in the NFL. Plays with leverage keeping his pads low to the ground. Displays explosion and moves well laterally. Rarely off his feet. Fluid changing directions and has the ability to immediately alter his angle of attack. Pursues from backside or comes off the edge with speed.

Negatives: Slow getting off blocks and easily wired at the point. Shows some hesitation in his game and not overly aggressive.

Analysis: A defender best making plays up the field. Cole must now learn to play in space. Used at outside LB during the Senior Bowl and struggled. May be best standing over tackle in a 34 defense.

Projection: late 4th round

BCI NOTES: Talk early was Trent was moving up the boards, this is a wait and see pick that could move up to a 3rd.

Jamar Enzor 6' 1.5"--243 lbs.--4.8

Positives: Undersized yet hard working LB who displays a good feel in pass coverage. Gets depth on drops, takes good angles to the action and makes plays in any direction. Very sudden and flashes on the scene. Chases from sideline to sideline to get involved in the action. Aggressive up the field, squares into tackles and wraps up. Solid job reading and diagnosing the action.

Negatives: Small, not stout at the point of attack and slow shedding blocks. Marginal size/speed numbers.

Analysis: A high motor defender consistently flying around the action and working to make plays on the ball. Enzor is best in pursuit chasing the action. Must be used in a system which allows him to roam freely to the play. Should be effective on special teams.

Projection: middle 6th round

BCI NOTES: This looks to be about right for Jamar.

TyJaun Hagler 5' 11.5"--236 lbs.--4.65

Positives: Well built LB with a nose for the ball. Plays with balance and leverage, adjusts off the initial block then fires up the field chasing the action. Immediately alters the angle of attack, explosive and flashes on the scene. Takes good angles to the play and quick locating the action. Fast laterally to the sidelines or quickly fills gaps in run defense.

Negatives: Marginal skills in coverage, does not get depth on drops or make many plays against the pass.

Analysis: An undersized LB. Hagler is a tenacious defender who flies around the ball and is productive on special teams. Has potential on the weak side but must improve his ability in coverage to be anything other than a backup in the NFL.

Projection: late 5th round

BCI NOTES:Could see a drop but we feel he should stay in the 5th.

Daven Holly 5' 10.5"--192 lbs.--4.53

Positives: Size/speed prospect with an unproven game. Effective when backed off the line of scrimmage. Displays a good break on the throw and a burst of closing speed. Runs downfield with opponents and plays with his timed speed.

Negatives: Not a strong run defender or physical cornerback. Very slow turning his head back around to make a play on the ball and struggle in man-to-man coverage situations.

Analysis: Sized well and a prospect with good speed for the position. Holly is a developmental player best suited in zone coverage.

Projection: free agent

BCI NOTES: From what were hearing Holly has seen his stock rise. experts may well be wrong on Daven when he's picked in the 4th or 5th round.

Andre Frazier 6' 4.5"--234 lbs.--4.73

Positives: Undersized yet explosive collegiate defensive end who projects to LB. Quick off the snap, keeps his pads low to the ground and drives up the field. Plays with excellent balance , body control, and works hard until the whistle blows. Displays effective hand technique getting around opponents, rushes the edge with speed and redirects the action. Rarely off his feet and moves laterally to string plays to the flanks. Good head for the ball and immediately diagnoses the action.

Negatives: Handled at the point of a single blocker or moved off the line. Has difficulty shedding blocks by opposing TE.

Analysis: An athletic prospect who lined up in a three point stance in college. Frazier projects well to outside linebacker in 34 defense. Displays both the instincts and athletic abilities to play in space and has long range potential.

Projection: middle 5th round

BCI NOTES: Talk has seen Andre go up and now back towards the bottom.  Andre could go either way, but will be a Day 2 pick.

These are the players that had looked at.  There are other players getting interest that could sneak into the late rounds.  Bearcat Insider will have the latest on all the former Bearcats on Draft

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