In our last video from the Lettermen's Weekend, Bearcat Insider is proud to have captured a speech by a former member of the Bearcat family. While this man never played a down for the Bearcats, his legacy is one that should be captured and remembered for eternity.

Michael "Mo" Scarry is not only a special football man. He's a special American! Starting his college football playing career at Waynesburg College, Mike Scarry interrupted his education to serve his country in World War II.

While Scarry would find his fame on the gridiron, it was basketball that brought him to Waynesburg. Having received a basketball scholarship, Scarry would quickly catch the eye of legendary football coach Frank Wolf who would play him at center and linebacker. Scarry would see many great things happen on the football field and is a walking talking football history major.

The first big event came as a player. Football on television had never been seen before. Mike Scarry played in the first college game ever televised when Fordham and Waynesburg took the field on Saturday, September 30th, 1939.

While that would be enough to talk about, Scarry would witness more football history before his playing and coaching days ended.

While Scarry would start his college career at Waynesburg, he didn't get to finish it. Midway through his junior year, Scarry was sent off to fight the war. When the war ended, he finished his education at Western Reserve.

After he finished his college career, Scarry was drafted by the Cleveland Rams. Yes, the Rams..... Before the Rams became the Browns, Mike Scarry would be a key part in their winning the 1945 World Championship against the Washington Redskins. Scarry played center and was elected captain of this great team. Another part of football history came from this game. At the time, the 1945 Championship game had the highest money pot in all of sports. A total of $164,542.80 would be spilt between the two teams. With the victory the Rams took home the lion's share of the money.

Then before the 1946 season, Scarry would see more football history unfold before his eyes. The Rams made the move to Los Angeles and a new team formed in Cleveland. The Cleveland Browns were a new team, but the members of this team are some of the all-time greats. Scarry would stay in Cleveland and be part of Paul Brown's new team. As captain, he and a few players you may have heard of, Marion Motley and Otto Graham, helped the Browns win World Championship titles in 1946 and 1947.

After his playing days ended, Scarry moved into coaching and headed to Santa Clara College California for two years. Santa Clara dropped football and Scarry headed to Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa for a season before being offered the job as line coach for Washington State University.

In 1956 Mike Scarry became a Bearcat and left his mark on many of the Bearcat greats of the time. While his tenure at UC was short, the men he came into contact with remember him and respect him still today. Coach Scarry's return for Lettermen's Weekend brought back many Bearcats to visit with him.

While I could stop and place the video link from Coach Scarry's speech, it wouldn't do him justice. Coach Scarry would be part of more football history.

After he left UC, Coach Scarry returned to Waynesburg and served as the schools football, basketball and Athletic Director. In 1964 Scarry was inducted into the NAIA Hall of Fame for his accomplishments as a player and coach.

But Mike Scarry still had more football roads to travel. After his time at Waynesburg, Scarry joined the Washington Redskins as an assistant coach. He then spent some time as a scout for the San Francisco 49ers before a name from his past came calling.

In 1970 a coach who was making his mark called out and entrusted Coach Scarry to help mold his defensive lines into some of the all-time greats. Don Shula is the name of the coach, and Scarry didn't disappoint. Scarry would spend the next 16 years with Shula and the Dolphins before retiring from football in 1986. In that time Scarry would be part of the Dolphin greatness.

In 1973 the Dolphins went undefeated and won Super Bowl VII against the Redskins. Scarry would pick up another super bowl ring in 1974 as the Dolphins defeated Minnesota in Super Bowl VIII and would see two more Super Bowls (1983 - XVII - Washington) and (1985 - XIX - San Francisco) on the losing side.

I hope you enjoy the chance to watch this video as much as I enjoyed having the chance to be there in person. Coach Scarry many have only spent a few years as a Bearcat, but the men he coached came out to see and speak to their old coach on this special weekend. One thing you could tell from Coach Scarry's former players, they still admire and respect him today.

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