Not many kids down in the rolling hills of Southern Ohio get an opportunity such as this. However, South Webster's Nick Aldridge is about to make the most of the chance of a lifetime.

The 6-6 junior center averaged 27.4 points and 10.5 rebounds a game this past season as just a junior. Now, he's heading out to visit the University of Cincinnati on an unofficial visit after just last week being offered a scholarship.

"If Cincinnati is what I'm expecting, maybe I'll give a commitment this weekend," Aldridge said early Friday afternoon. "I'm just going up and see what Cincinnati has to offer in all aspects of the school, not just basketball."

Through the latter half of his season, and especially this spring, Aldridge had been starting to get noticed by quite a few colleges, including Cincinnati and most MAC schools.

It was this latest scholarship offer, however, by Cincinnati that meant the most to Aldridge.

"Last week I was talking to Coach Huggins and they told me they were offering a Scholarship," Aldridge said. "I was excited to know that I'm being noticed by such good programs. If it would work out well for Cincinnati I just want to go in and work hard to stay atop the Big East or wherever."

Although Aldridge' family is mostly made up of Kentucky fans, he says the chance to play for Cincinnati would be an experience like no other. After all, it's not often that a kid can say he is going to play for a school on its way to the Big East.

It's the pinnacle, for Aldridge, to be in this situation.

"A lot of people dream about playing basketball for Cincinnati, or Ohio State, or Kentucky," Aldridge said. "Getting to do that would be something special. Most players don't get to do that, and I don't want to waste the opportunity of playing basketball and getting a free education."

Cincinnati began recruiting Aldridge back in December. Since then, they have kept an eye on him to monitor his progress.

The Bearcats finally saw enough to offer just a few weeks ago, according to Aldridge.

"They came and watched a game during the season, and said they really liked my game and would follow me," Aldridge remembered. "They came to a follow up down in Houston at Kingwood Classic. Coach Kennedy said they really liked me. Coach (Bob) Huggins came to my school and did a workout for me."

For Aldridge, it's nearly a slam-dunk.

"They have a great program, they win, and they are moving to a big conference in the Big East," Aldridge said. "They would be a good fit."

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