Radical moves are nothing new for University of Cincinnati President Nancy Zimpher. In fact, she's built her career on them to reach her current position.

One only needs to look at the past work of current University of Cincinnati president Nancy L. Zimpher to see the path taken to her current position. As an educator, President Zimpher showed many the initiatives needed to bring a university together for the betterment of all.

Since her days as Chancellor at the University of Milwaukee, Nancy Zimpher has never removed herself from the changes needed to help better the university she was part of. Just look back at the book written by her and co-authors Stephen Percy and Mary Jane Brukardt called "A Time for Boldness" published by Anker Publishing Company and you get a sense she's been down these troubled roads before.

The book details "The Milwaukee Idea" and details the partnerships between the campus and metropolitan community for the betterment of the university. During her stay at UWM Nancy Zimpher played a large part in attracting millions of new dollars to the university and built many partnerships in the process.

While many Bearcat fans feel she's gone too far in her dealings with Coach Bob Huggins, you can tell President Zimpher is not afraid to make hard choices when she feels there right for the university.

While this may be President Zimpher's hardest challenge, she's shown in the past she has the skills to bring faculty scholars, administrators, students and community together to make the university more relevant and community focused.

But while this may be true in her past dealings, she's never crossed paths with a coaching icon like Bob Huggins and a fan base that loves college basketball like Bearcat fans do.

Before taking her place in Clifton, Nancy Zimpher was looked upon as one of the countries top educators. In fact she wrote several books and papers about colleges working with the above mentioned to build a great university. But in a review of "A Time for Boldness" this quote was found and shines some light on what Bearcat fans are living today.

A Time for Boldness: A Story of Institutional Change is a fairly good account of how a major institution of higher education attempted to embark on what many would view as radical change.

Quoted from the summer of 2003, Volume 26, No 4 in the Review of Higher Education.

"Radical" is the word that best describes what's going on with Coach Huggins, the Bearcat basketball program and President Zimpher. While many things could be looked at in need of change, one would question the change of the men's basketball coach as being one of most importance facing the university.

Many other things could be done to better the image of the university and it's men's basketball program. Instead of removing Coach Huggins the university could put into place background checks for the athletes they recruit. Other universities like North Carolina and Oklahoma have installed these measures for the athletes they look to recruit.

While public opinion is on the side of Coach Huggins, the only opinion that matters is held by President Zimpher and university trustees. They hold all the cards in this matter. But while the ultimate outcome looks to be the removal of Coach Huggins, many questions remain on what is stopping President Zimpher and the university from his removal.

One of the biggest questions is the status of the buyout. Reports have surfaced that the buyout has been on the desk of Coach Huggins for some time now. If this was the case Coach Huggins could have looked at several other jobs that opened over the past few months. If this is not the case then the current events of Roy Bright may have been the last straw. Either way the nations spotlight is shinning on the university and its basketball program. How will it end? Let's look at several different solutions.

1. Coach Huggins stays as head coach of the Bearcats and has his contracted restored to the former one with the rollover.


If it becomes too much of a public battle between those who support Coach Huggins and the university this would be the best thing that could happen. Then recruiting will be placed back on track and athletes will know Huggins will be their coach.


The line has been drawn in the sand on the campus in Clifton. President Zimpher holds all the cards and has yet to play the final hand in this game of public poker.

2. Coach Huggins takes the buyout and removes himself from coaching at Cincinnati.


This has to end. In this manner Coach Huggins places all the pressure on the university to find a replacement that can come close to having the success he's had since becoming head coach of the Bearcats. While he may not be coaching at the college level, openings are still there in the NBA and with his sense of humor and basketball knowledge he would be sought after for television work.


This is Coach Huggins program and he's not about to be run out without a fight. When he chose not to become head coach at West Virginia, he feels he showed the university he wanted to be a Bearcat for the rest of his career. He demands the respect he deserves for the work he's done to restore Cincinnati basketball back were it belongs.

3. President Zimpher removes herself from the University.


No other college president has seen their short term presidency have so many problems. The student body expresses their dislike each and every time she is introduced to them. The sounds of the Boos! chanted by the student body proves she's yet to do one good thing since she took the helm in the eyes of the student body..


While public settlement is against her, she doesn't really care about those who don't sign her paycheck. She's a proven educator with a long track record of success. No person who reaches the level of president at a major university will step down from public pressure from athletics.

4. Coach Huggins will coach for another year and leave with Bob Goin.


The respect held by both men has been known for some time. Coach Huggins and his basketball program was a major reason the Big East looked at UC to be part of their new look. He wants that one year of coaching in the conference he's looked forward to being a part of.


From the way things look President Zimpher will not allow the public outcry to continue for the next year. She wants a clean break and the program to take a new approach. That approach is without Bob Huggins in the picture.

5. Coach Huggins will be fired and given the amount stated in his contract.


What else is there to do? The table is set and in the eyes of the president she's given Coach Huggins the respect she feels he deserves by having the buyout meeting. How can a coach and president university work for the betterment of the university when neither is speaking to the other?


Money! $$$$$$ The university has major money being spent with all the new construction in the athletic department. The buyout of 1.4 million is just the start of what it would cost to remove Coach Huggins and bring in a new coach. Any coach hired to replace Huggins would be given at least a 4-5 year contract with a salary in the $300,000 - $500,000 range. Plus with several money people stressing they will remove money from the university the loss could reach well over $3 million in year one of his removal alone.

While these are just a few of the questions, the biggest one is the following. Will President Zimpher be remembered and spoke about in the same breath as Indiana president Myles Brand for his removal of coaching legend Bob Knight? The answer is looking to be a giant YES!


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