Look up the word "confidence" and you see "A trusting relationship", "Trust or faith in a person or thing." While Coach Bob Huggins shows his faith and confidence in the University of Cincinnati, many are still asking. Will the university return the favor in the future? The next two years will give us the answer.

If the past few days proved anything, it's that Coach Bob Huggins is a man of few words when it comes to himself. When other coaches could've, would've and should've gone public and bashed the university they've done so much for, the head Bearcat stayed the course and proved once again he belongs at the helm of the men's basketball program.

On Monday night, Coach Huggins expressed his feelings of obligations to the university, his current players and the ones headed to play for him in the fall. In a move that surprised many, Coach Huggins held a brief press conference where he expressed his desire to stay through his contract.

With no new contract or a rollover in his current one, Coach Huggins has two seasons left at the helm. With athletic director Bob Goin leaving soon, Coach Huggins and the university have agreed to support each other instead of fighting. While this is a short team solution, it's for the betterment of the program as the university moves into the Big East.

While there's no proof of fan reaction playing a part in this agreement, Coach Huggins expressed what many fans have expressed about the current events. "People here have been unbelievable. They've supported me when I needed support and they've always been there."

While many questions still need to be answered, the biggest concern to fans has been future recruiting. Coach Huggins had this to say about what is to be expected. "I know there's been some concern about what this does for recruiting, but in 1993, I had one year left on my contract and nobody made a big deal out of it. I certainly didn't make a big deal out of it and it didn't affect recruiting one way or another."

While I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this saga, at least we know the short term future of the program and who will be at the helm. Much can happen in a two year period and that includes big victories, possible championships and change in leadership.

By putting his faith in the university, Coach Huggins proved once again he's more than just basketball coach of the Cincinnati Bearcats. He's a positive member of the Cincinnati community and the university that tried to remove him.

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