Considered one of the top targets for the Bearcats football class of 2006, Josh Chichester talks about his recruiting and where the Bearcats stand in the process.

Two sport star Josh Chichester has seen college coaches working hard to catch his eye. As a two sport star at West Chester Lakota West High School (Ohio), Chichester has seen both basketball and football coaches coming to share their story about why he should look their way.

While the basketball coaches have stopped coming, football is a different story as the spring visits are just coming to a close. Bearcat Insider spoke with Josh about what schools he's showing interest in, and where the local team, the UC Bearcats stands in the mix.

BI: Josh, things are winding down for you during the spring visits. Where do you stand right now in looking at schools?

JC: I'm still open. I'm looking at both sports and looking for what is going to work out the best for me.

BI: What are you looking for in a school?

JC: I'm looking at connections and where do I fit in at. I have to be comfortable were ever I'm going, so that's important to me.

BI: Is there a certain field you're looking to study in college?

JC: At this time I'm not sure what I want to study.

BI: Is it still your goal to play both sports at the college level?

JC: Yes, I want to play both. It's very important to me to have the chance to play both at the college level.

BI: Has any school caught your eye yet?

JC: Yes! I like what I see at Illinois from both sports. I've taken an unofficial visit there and really liked what I saw. I also like what I'm seeing from Notre Dame. Both of them are very similar in what I'm looking at in a school.

BI: The University of Cincinnati has offered, where do the Bearcats stand in your college list?

JC: There like sixth on my list.

BI: Do you have a top five at this time?

JC: Not really, but UC would be sixth on my list.

BI: Has the questions about Coach Huggins future played into your decision making process?

JC: Yes, but I'm willing to look past it.

BI: With your plans of playing two sports in college. Do you feel there could be a problem down the road with coaches pulling you their way?

JC: I hope not... But if that happens I'll have to fight through it.

Bearcat Insider wants to thank Josh for taking the time out of his busy schedule. While Josh would have liked to be at the combine in Akron on Saturday, his AAU Basketball schedule will keep him on the hardwood.

With at least eight football offers Josh Chichester is one of Ohio's and Midwest top football prospects. If he were 100% football it's hard to tell how many offers he would have on the table. But as good of a player Josh is on a football field, basketball is also a love and a sport that he's considered one of the Top 10 seniors to be for the Class of 2006 from the Buckeye state.

While it doesn't look good for the Bearcats, dealing with a two-sport player can see things change greatly.


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