Bearcats trying to find the right Mapp

One of Ohio's top prospects DE Lamar Mapp was able to make it down for the final day of camp at the University of Cincinnati. Giving Bearcat Coaches a chance to see one of Ohio's very best high school football players up close and personal.

Lamar Mapp has been one of the biggest "under the radar" prospects in Ohio for the 2006 class.   A teammate of fellow top prospects Lee Tilley and Brennen Glass, Mapp was able to be at the University of Cincinnati Football Camp on the last day, and was very impressive.  I had the opportunity to check in with Lamar after the camp and he made sure we had all the info on his recruiting. 


Lamar told us he checked in at 6'3" 249 lbs. at Camp.  Since Mapp Played at 226 last season, we asked him if his weight has affected his speed at all, he replied " Not at all, I put the weight on gradually, so my body was able to handle the weight a little bit at a time".  Lamar ran a 4.71 at Camp, which is blistering for someone of his size and stature. 


We also asked Lamar about his interest in Cincinnati and he told us "UC is very high on my list; I really like the coaches, especially Coach Gill".  "This is my second time down to UC, I came down with some teammates to a spring practice".  We also asked what other schools are recruiting him, and what schools could be offering.  "I am really open to all schools, but I am concentrating on the schools which coaches have called me and which ones came to my school to see my coaches in May".  "Those schools are Cincinnati, Ohio State, LSU, Auburn, Indiana, Kentucky, Eastern Michigan, and Bowling Green".


"I want a school that I am going to be able to have a personal relationship with the coaches"   Mapp explained, "I want a family atmosphere first, and a place where I can get my degree, I want to be the first in my family to graduate from college".  We asked Lamar about some of the rumors about his academic troubles, "I had some trouble when I was a freshman, but I have retaken some classes and have been working hard on getting everything in order.  I will qualify, and will not need to go to a Junior College.  My GPA has improved, and I am getting tutored on the ACT".   


When asked about his current offers; he told us that he has offers from Akron and Eastern Kentucky.  There have been reports of offers from LSU and Michigan, but those reports are false, and have no merit.  When asked whether those other schools offered, Lamar had to say "If they offered, they never told me or my coaches, which is why I don't take it seriously, if a school offers they let you know about it in writing.  That's how you know they are serious".


When asked if Lamar received an offer at camp, he told us that the coaches said they would be in touch and looked forward to him coming back to campus and bringing his parents.


During the camp it was obvious that he was one of the top prospects there; there was not an Offensive Lineman that could block him during his 1-on-1 drills versus the Offensive Lineman.  The UC Coaches who migrated over to watch the drill included, Coaches, Dantonio, Staten, Gill, Narduzzi, and Roushar.


After camp it was obvious to me that Lamar Mapp is a big time prospect who has flown under the radar due to some academic question marks, that seem to be well on their way to repairing themselves.  Landing a prospect of Mapp's caliber would be great way to kick off the 2006 commitments.  

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