Josh Cousins: Under the Radar

Another one of Ohio's 'under the radar' prospects checks in with to give an update on his recruiting so far this season.

Josh Cousins (6'1", 193, 4.60) quarterback from Xenia H.S. (Ohio). Another one of many talented players in the state of Ohio this year, Cousins who has flown ‘under the radar' thus far through the recruiting process. The only question is how does a player of this caliber not have an offer? We got the low down from Cousins and got an update on his recruiting to this point.

Cousins has made the camp tour this summer going making several stops along the way, and still to make more. I have been to camps at West Virginia, Kentucky, Northwestern, Indiana, Eastern Michigan, and Michigan." "I still have to hit Purdue (6-24) and Ohio State (6-25). Even Josh's mother Jenny Fischer, chimed in on his summer thus far, "As you can see he has been pretty busy this month. Hopefully, it will pay off for him."

So which schools are his early favorites? I like several schools; I am really wide open right now." He did has some comments about a few of the camps so far;

West Virginia – "Was great, had a lot of fun. They had me play some wide receiver and I caught my first TD off a flag route."

Kentucky – "I like Coach Roper lot, and I thought I did really well."

Northwestern - "My favorite camp thus far, they really had a nice campus." "And I like the academic part of it as well."

Eastern Michigan – According to sources Cousins looked very good, and is very excited to hear from them.

When Cousins picks his school what will be the most important factors in his decision? "Academics, I want a school with strong academics." Which certainly makes sense considering Cousins is near the top of his class at Xenia.

So when will he look to make a decision? "I would like to commit about mid year but its just going to come down to finding the right school."

How does he rate himself to the other quarterbacks in Ohio this year? "I believe I am one of the better quarterbacks in Ohio. I may not have the strongest arm but I move really well. And I think that separates me from the pack a little."

According to the video I have seen he is a very good prospect who gets hurt because of the system he plays in at Xenia. Had he played in a more wide open attack you could very easily be talking about Cousins amongst the top tier in Ohio. That just makes it harder to find a great player, and we have found one in Cousins. What he lacks is decision making on the field would be easily fixed just by giving him the opportunity to throw the ball on a consistent basis. Which he has not since he has been the quarterback, one could only wonder what might have been, had he been in a wide open spread attack where he could use his athleticism. Instead of running a run oriented offense for his whole career. Whichever school gets Cousins will be getting a good athlete who needs to be polished in the passing game, but that is also what a red shirt season is for too. will continue covering Cousins and his progress through the season.

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