Did Slats Lose More Than Just A Game?

How bad was the loss for Slats? Casey reports more about the loss on and off the court.

During last night's defeat at the hands of the Stanley Litz Law Office squad of the 2005 Deveroes Summer League, you could see Slats big man and future UC Bearcat Abdul Herrera wincing in pain with every made bucket of the opposition. However, upon deeper review, only part of the pain and anguish on the youngster's face was due to the blowout his team was taking part in.

Herrera, the 6-11 native of Panama who will be making his way to the campus of Clifton by way of Miami, confirmed with Bearcat Insider that he is suffering from an undiagnosed lower-back injury.

"It is a pain in my back and I don't really know what it is or what causes it. Whenever I feel the pain I just sit on the bench. I do not want to risk causing any more damage to it until I know what it is."

After riding the pine because of the recent arrival of University of Dayton center and personal aide in ripening the raw talents of the Panamanian baller, Herrera hit the floor for a four or five minute stretch before removing himself from the game.

Herrera, who has been much maligned by some recent fan criticism of his out of condition body and his underdeveloped basketball skills and IQ, has appeared to have endured this injury at least two other times during the previous three games the UC-heavy Slats roster has participated in.

Tuesday night's outing versus one of the Deveroes true powerhouses was a expected to be a good chance for the youngster to earn a couple battle strips. The Stan Litz team is led by former UD standout Keith Waleskowski. Unfortunately, for Herrera, his teammates and all the UC faithful, Herrera endured most of his wounds off the court.

With the weekend off to celebrate the 4th of July, Herrera and his Slat/UC mates will look to recover from their discouraging performance on Tuesday. The Deveroes will resume July 5 at 6:30 pm

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