This is part two of our breakdown of the top football prospects to be considered for our Super 50 Ohio Football Prospects list. This time we stay on the offensive side of the ball and look at the quarterback position.

If not for the depth at offensive line, those who follow Ohio High School football talent would be gushing over the overall talent at the quarterback position. With the possibility of several quarterbacks receiving Division One offers, Ohio is loaded from top to bottom with quality arms.

Jeremy Beckham and Dave Berk breakdown some of these arms and give you the lowdown on who are the real contender and pretenders in the Class of 2006.

Mike Hartline


(6'5 - 190)

JEREMY: Great height, above average arm, moves well, the only drawback to Hartline is his stature and can he take the punishment at the college level. I am one that believes he will struggle at that aspect at the next level. I like him but after Stanzi and Opelt.

DAVE: A player who's been on the scene for the past couple of seasons, Hartline has seen much early press but few offers from the major schools. Many felt he was a shoe-in to follow brother (Brian Hartline-OSU) but the Buckeyes have never offered the talented signal caller. Early on he was considered to be the number one or two QB prospect in Ohio, but as the summer camping season has reached almost the end many feel he's dropped a little. Offers from Michigan State and Wisconsin are reported on the table, at this time it looks as if the Badgers are in the lead. I like his height, arm strength and overall athletic ability. Will need a couple of years to put on some weight but should be a top QB at the next level.

Brennen Glass


(6'3 - 196)

JEREMY: Pocket passer who delivers the ball quickly and accurately. Not going to kill you with his legs, but is deadly with his arm. Moves very within the pocket, and rarely takes a sack. His lack of visits on the camp circuit will come back to bite him. I know for a fact that Kansas really liked him, but he was unable to camp. Also Stanford may jump in if his ACT moves up a couple of points.

DAVE: I have watched Brennen progress since he first took the field. Going into this past winter I felt Brennen could be considered one of the top overall QB's. Great passer from the pocket who can pick you apart, Glass knows what to do with the football. His junior year opened many eyes with his overall numbers (219 of 355 for 3,052 yards and 29 TD's) but Brennen made the biggest mistake any high school prospect can make. He didn't do enough camping! While he saw early interest the lack of camps has hurt him in getting offers. At this time Eastern Kentucky is his only offer and with a new coaching staff and different offense I don't see Brennen putting up the same type of numbers he's done in the past. At this time it looks as if Glass may slip down to a D-IAA quarterback unless he has a big early senior season.

Arvell Nelson


(6'4 - 175)

JEREMY: Up an comer who has broken on the scene this off-season. Lacks the discipline in his throwing motion, and also struggles at making the throws to the sidelines. Many will say that he can be a "slash" type of player. But when you take a Slash, you are taking someone who is not good at one thing, you think he may be good at another, but then he is average at everything. Nelson is a good prospect, but I want to see the senior tape on him, before I go and make him the one of the top QB's in Ohio.

DAVE: The upside of Arvelle Nelson is tremendous. Great looking athlete who is still filling out. Has shown great touch on the ball during camps. One thing I noticed while watching him at camp was while doing one-on-one drills he almost always went to his Glenville teammates. While any quarterback would love to have the type of targets he's got at Glenville, he never went to the other receivers and that makes me wonder just a little about his confidence. I expect a big year out of Nelson and would like to see some early senior tape. Has reported offers from Iowa, Michigan State and North Carolina. One thing I question here is that Hartline and Nelson are both reporting offers from MSU so I don't see both of them headed that way. Nelson will be a Division One player and could end up being the best of the whole group when all is said and done, but I'm not ready to make him my number one.

Miles Schlichter


(6'0 - 193)

JEREMY: Small size, average arm strength, playing versus lower level competition will certainly be the demise of Schlichter. Good head on his shoulders, but just not worthy of a Top 50 selection.

DAVE: Miles has received much press with his famous last name. Great kid who I hope gets an offer and makes it at the D-I level. Some talk about his height but I don't have a problem with it. I've seen 6'0 QB's do very well in college. Since I have some knowledge of the area I don't have a problem with the competition level Miami Trace sees. Is it D-I level? No, but there's still some great football in that area of Ohio and has been for many years. Miles strength is his leadership and knowledge of the game. Those are the two biggest things he brings to the table. But while I hold out hope of Miles reaching the D-I level with an offer, I'm also a realist and only have to look at this past year when I saw Tyler Horner (Northmont) not receive one. Average arm strength but with great touch. Will win games by not making bad mistakes. But at this time I can't place Miles in the Super 50.

Rick Stanzi


(6'4 - 196)

JEREMY: My top QB for Ohio, under the radar, but schools have already taken notice. Pitt has offered, and others will follow. Love his arm, and his decision making, also has a quick release. Reads the defense well and recognizes the blitz.

DAVE: If you would have asked me about Rich Stanzi back in February I would have just said "WHO", but that has changed after seeing some tape and watching him during the Akron Combine. A traditional quarterback who knows how to take a 3, 5 and 7 step drop, Stanzi has the size to stand in the pocket or get outside to make something happen. Has an offer from Akron and I look for more to come. Is he the number one QB that Jeremy sees? I'm not ready to go that far yet, but don't be surprised when he's on the Super 50 team.

Aaron Opelt


(6'2 - 190)

JEREMY: Quick release, great feet, and a rocket for an arm. My #2 QB, why has Opelt gone relatively unknown,…..he hasn't already holding 5 offers. Reads the Blitz well, and has proven he can make changes on the fly and has all the physical tools to deliver the ball. Just not getting the rating pub, like Stanzi, for not having a certain state school at the top of his list.

DAVE: The summers hot quarterback. Made the most out of summer camps and saw offers come his way. Shows great leadership and athletic ability. Strong arm that can make all the throws Opelt is also able to use his feet and get out of trouble and make something from nothing. Is this years Grant Gregory (Indiana). Is he the top QB in Ohio? Not just yet, but very close.

Tyler Sheehan


(6'4 - 200)

JEREMY: Already committed to Bowling Green, the LaSalle QB is more of a project, but BG can afford it with the bumper crop of already talented QB's on campus. Will develop to a solid College QB.

DAVE: The reason Tyler is going under the radar is many had him listed as a junior. But he's part of this deep class and already made his college choice. Bowling Green got his early verbal and their getting a hidden gem. Tyler showed the ability to play at a high level. While not the main starter last season, he was forced into play with an injury to a senior starter. He used that experience and came out strong this spring and summer. Tyler shows a strong arm and the ability to fit into Bowling Greens spread offense. But don't look for him to take the field at BG early, the Falcons are loaded with former top Ohio quarterback Anthony Turner and Tyler still has much to work on and improve on.


Rudy Kirbus


(6'4 - 190)

JEREMY: Excellent size, great vision, My only question mark for Kirbus is the lack of velocity for the deep throws. I really like his game though.

DAVE: Rudy is a player who's only going to get better. Smart and from the traditional mold of former Ignatius quarterbacks, Kirbus is a solid player. I like his decision making and feel he's got enough arm to make a difference at the next level. Could be # 1 in Ohio when the season ends. No offers on the table and that concerns me at this time. I was a big fan of Brian Hoyer (Michigan State), but Kirbus is not Hoyer. Some schools may be waiting on early senior tape before making an offer.

Nate Davis


(6'3 - 220)

JEREMY: OK everyone repeat after me……OVERRATED. Davis has been talked about more that any other QB in Ohio and yet a mountain of concerns always come up, attitude, basketball, position, etc. If he was all what everyone thinks he is, then where are his offers? This is the quarterback's version of a white elephant. I'll stick with Stanzi and Opelt, and I am going to win a lot of games.

DAVE: While Jeremy is talking overrated, I feel Nate Davis may be the best all-around athlete in Ohio. Nate has reported offers from Toledo and Indiana with Marshall also looking hard at the three sport star. I feel the only thing that is going to stop Nate Davis is Nate Davis. He needs to find the right fit and any college should be looking hard at this super athlete. Nate needs to make a choice between football, basketball and even baseball, he's that great of an athlete. Strong arm who's taken snaps from under center and also shotgun, Davis has a arm strong enough to throw across his body. Because of his athletic ability he's able to move around until a receiver gets open. May have the strongest arm in the state.

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Jeremy Beckham is a former high school football coach who's coached several division one athletes. He joined the staff of Bearcat Insider this year and brings a great knowledge of football recruiting and contacts with college coaches from all over the country. His goal is to contact Ohio high school prospects and prospects who show interest in the University of Cincinnati. Jeremy is a former Division One football player who's been through the recruiting process.

Dave Berk has been covering Ohio High School prospects for the past several years. Dave got involved with the recruiting process when his younger brother was being recruited in 1998-1999. Dave found that many parents were lost in the recruiting process and has tried to help parents understand what their child is going through. Dave makes it a point to attend combines, camps, 7-on-7's, scrimmages and games in Ohio during the course of a year. He also has contacts with college coaches from MAC, Big East, Big Ten and other smaller level colleges.

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