Bearcats Get Another Quarterback

With seven quarterbacks heading into fall camp the University of Cincinnait looked set at the position. But now with quarterback number eight headed in a few weeks, the position looks even stronger down the road. Bearcat Insider has the "Who", "What", "Where" and "When" about the newest Bearcat in this One-on-One interview.

The University of Cincinnati Football program picked up a new player this week. Anderson High School graduate and Akron University quarterback Kurt Shoemaker has made it official he will become a Bearcat.

With an already deep talent pool at the position, Shoemaker knows he's facing a tough battle, but after several discussions with his family he made the choice to follow in his fathers footsteps and become a Bearcat.

Kurt Shoemaker is a special athlete. In high school he ran Coach Vince Suriano's spread attack and was able to pass for 1,779 yards and 15 touchdowns while rushing for 1,044 yards and 12 touchdowns his senior season. He also played basketball and was part of the track team at Anderson High School.

Bearcat Insider spoke with Kurt about his choice.

BCI: We hear your coming home to stay?

KS: Yes, I've made the choice to come back to Cincinnati and attend the University of Cincinnati.

BCI: Are you going to be part of the football program?

KS: Yes, I'm going to be a preferred walk-on with the team.

BCI: What led to your decision to transfer back home?

KS: I felt like I wanted and needed a fresh start for my social and athletic well being.

BCI: This past year did you redshirt?

KS: Yes, I redshirted this season.

BCI: With UC having so many quarterbacks what have the coaches told you about the chance you'll get?

KS: They've been very honest with me about the battle I'll be facing. I know it's going to be an uphill battle, but I'm going in thinking positive and see what happens.

BCI: Your father played at UC, did that play in your choice?

KS: Yes my father played quarterback from 1970 - 1974 at UC. But I also looked at Louisville before making my choice.

BCI: What were the main factors in you picking UC?

KS: Being so close to home was a key reason. But after meeting with the coaches I felt they were the most honest about my chances and feel I can trust them.

BCI: You're considered more of a true quarterback, but if the coaches come to you and ask you to play another position how would you feel?

KS: My main goal is to be a quarterback. But I also have some athletic ability and if I the coaches come to me and tell me I can get on the field playing another position I will do so. I want to do what's best for the team.

BCI: With your transfer you must sit out the season, what are you allowed to do this year?

KS: I think I'll be able to do everything but dress and play in games.

BCI: When are you looking at becoming part of the team?

KS: I'm just waiting on my acceptance to UC at this time. Once that happens I'm going to start doing summer workouts. That should be in the next couple of weeks. I'll then enroll in fall classes.

BCI: What Bearcat coach was part of your transfer?

KS: Coach Dan Roushar is in charge of transfers at UC. I first sent tape to him and then we spoke with Coach Enos.

Bearcat Insider welcomes Kurt back home and look forward to doing a follow-up story down the road.

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