Breakdown Offensive Line Class of 2006

Jeremy and Dave look at the players who make up the deepest position in the state of Ohio. Who are the top offensive linemen being considered to make the "Super 50"? Take a look at what players are in the running.

We continue our look at the top high school football prospects in the Class of 2006. While the talent level at all positions is very high, it's the offensive linemen in this class getting all the attention.

Who are the top offensive linemen in Ohio? Jeremy and Dave continue their breakdown of top Ohio high school players on the way to naming their Super 50 Ohio Football Prospects.

Remember these players are not being ranked, only listed as top prospects and those who Jeremy and Dave are considering for the Super 50.


6-6 283


JEREMY: Brown is similar to Tilley the main difference is that Brown is not as big as Tilley, but has a huge upside. And has the ability to be a top college player. His offer list is enormous, and I think he has narrowed it down quite a bit privately. But he is just a great combination of speed and athleticism. As he gets comfortable with the game he will be grow into a great player. I certainly wish Brown was on my team. Great player, great kid. The nice thing about his tape is that you can see him move around in drills and see him stretching. It's obvious he can move I can't wait to see him as he gets more experience playing football.

DAVE: What's not to like about the Vikings big guy. Very athletic and still learning how to play the game. Some may question his talent level against some of the other top linemen in Ohio, but you must look at the overall picture when looking at Brown. Long frame that can still put weight on at the next level. Great kid with a great work ethic. Very good overall skills and could play tackle or guard at the next level. Has the athletic talent to play on Sundays down the road and will make my Super 50 list.


6-6 275


JEREMY: One of the most overrated players in Ohio. Narrow shoulders and an obvious lack of strength concern me right off. Many feel that he can play tackle; I am not in that group. The move outside will be a major change for him and will take a lot to get used to, if he was an outside player at the next level, then I want to see who is playing tackle at Glen Oak right now. You put your best lineman at tackle, especially in high school. He is a good prospect but not even close to being in the top 9 or maybe even 10.

DAVE: Many gave Ryan a high ranking early on. But over the course of the past few months he's been passed up by several unknown players. While Ryan will earn a scholarship at the Division One level, I feel he needs to find the right program that he can grow in. Has lots of work to do before he's ready for the next level. As compared to others in this class he's dropped in status. I see a guard at the next level.


6-7 315


JEREMY: Big prospect that is going to have to play inside, due to a lack of footwork, but will be solid player at the next level nonetheless. Dad played at Kent State.

DAVE: Has great size and strength at the high school level. Should be able to use these tools at the next level as well. Tough with a great work ethic and plays nasty. While not a speed burner, Chris has great feet and is able to pull and make dominate blocks. Will be a power right tackle or move inside to guard in college.


6-5 295


JEREMY: The most dominating player in this group and the one who is most ready to play next year. My only concern is how he does in the passing game, which will be fine. He has a fire in his belly like no other player. Should play in the interior, could be an all American there, if he has to play tackle he will be solid there but not as good as he would be inside. Not much to say here Top OL in Ohio.

DAVE: No question that Mr. Smith is a Super 50 player. Tough and nasty, Smith is an old-fashion football player who is going to be a factor at the college level. Will play guard at the next level and if he can stay healthy I expect to see him playing on Sundays down the road. I've seen Connor play in person a couple of times and came away impressed each time. Should be considered the top offensive line prospect in Ohio.


6-3 315


JEREMY: This Wolverine Verbal will be a solid player in college, and will play in the interior. Not as overpowering as Connor Smith but has great feet and quickness. I see him as the 4th best OL prospect in Ohio.

DAVE: Just like Smith, Boren has the skills to play at the next level and dominate. Great feet, will play guard in college. Tough player who like Smith will be named to the Super 50 list. Made verbal commitment to Michigan early to follow in his fathers footsteps.


6-7 310


JEREMY: The biggest of all the prospects this year, and probably the biggest upside of all as well. After only playing football for 3 years Tilley has already picked up many of the nuances of an offensive lineman. As most players in his shoes, his best years are ahead of him, and since he has only played football for three years I look for him to have the biggest upside of any player in the group. While many did not have Tilley among the elite, early on, his offer list is only rivaled by Aaron Brown. And it's obvious that many of the elite programs in the country think highly of him. One coach stated "there are not many times you find that combination of speed and size in a high school player, most kids like that are projects, but Tilley is different." I have had the benefit of seeing Tilley quite a bit since he was a freshman, but I must say that his agility and footwork are what sets him apart. He is powerful enough to run someone over, but has the agility to play a finesse game as well. On his tape you see him run down defensive backs and linebackers, and knocking down opponents.

DAVE: Rumors are floating around that Tilley may transfer from Springfield South. At this time there only rumors. Great size and upside since he's only played the game for three years. Has great feet and is ready to pass block at the next level. Some question his work ethic and academics but from everything I've seen and heard I don't see an issue. Still a raw talent who is only going to get better. While many top programs are after him, I feel Lee would be better suited to find a school that will allow him the chance to grow into the player he's capable to be. A Super 50 player who in another year would be #1.


6-3 328


JEREMY: Like Palmer has been overrated but is not as good of a prospect as Palmer. His size of his middle is what concerns me. Browning really has a chance, but it's going to take him trimming down quite a bit. His lack of foot speed will hurt him. In my opinion the worst of this bunch.

DAVE: While many have liked what Browning has shown, I feel he's way lower than many other linemen in this class. While he's got the ability to play at the next level, I feel he needs to drop a few pounds and show more of a nasty streak. When I watched him at a recent camp I never saw him lineup against the top talent in his group. That concerns me.


6-3 305


JEREMY: Prospect who is very interesting in that he has the size and ability to play top college ball. But has not seen the offers yet, I would assume it's because Alford is an inside player and not the level of Boren or Smith. But will have a good senior year and will be able to garner those offers. I like his toughness the most.

DAVE: This kid is rising fast after great combines and camps. While he lacks the idea size (height) he's got everything else you want from a top linemen. Shows great feet and does not back down from anyone I've seen him against. Will play guard or center at the next level.


6-5 280


JEREMY: Plays stiff at times, but has the ability to be a major college player. I personally think the Big East should be all over him, many will want to see his senior tape. Will be an inside player. The thing that I like about Gulley is that he is a technician. Whoever lands him will be getting a tough hard nosed player.

DAVE: Another kid who's seen his stock rise during recent camps and combines. I like his toughness and skill level he's shown, but he's a little stiff and that may cause some college coaches to shy away from recruiting him. But I feel the school who ever gets this kid will have a solid player to count on. He won't be flashy, but he will get the job done.


6-5 300


JEREMY: Great build, and has the ability to do great things. Academics will be a key for Jackson, if his situation was in better shape, he would have a bunch of offers. A good senior season and a strong fall in the classroom will go a long way.

DAVE: Another player who has seen early talk. Has great size for a center and that helps him. I feel he needs to get tougher for him to have success at the next level. Proved he's got the ability to play at a high level and will be tested even more this season. If Jackson goes into college with the right attitude, "Look Out" he's got that much talent. But in this class he's moved down from his early high rankings.


6-4 295


JEREMY: The Pitt commit, has a great feet and will always look to punish the defenders over him. Was in the shadows of Boone last year at St. Edward, this year though there will be no shadows. All eyes will be on Thomas.

DAVE: Has seen his stock rise after being in the shadow of Alex Boone. May prove to be the biggest steal in this year's class. Has all the tools needed to play at the college level and should play inside and at a high level.


6-4 278


JEREMY: Indiana verbal, has an attitude similar to Connor Smith. One of the most overlooked linemen by many experts this year. Fortunately the college coaches knew about him. Will be an All Big Ten player at Indiana, and should play inside much like Connor Smith.

DAVE: Another kid who saw his stock rise during the summer. His early verbal to Indiana may hurt his rankings but this kid was going to see some bigger offers before it was all over. Has great feet and foot speed and should be a dominate guard in college. Indiana got a steal in this kid.


6-7 280


JEREMY: Big, long, and lean is what describes Crum the best. I liken his size to Tilley but Crum is not as polished as an offensive lineman. I think Crum will be one of the better players in this class 4 years from now. Virginia Tech got a great player, and they need as many as they can get, they will be down to 4 scholarship players when Crum reports.

DAVE: Some I speak with say Crum has so much upside its sick. With his height and arm length he should become an All-ACC player for Virginia Tech. Needs some technique work and weight placed onto his frame. Great student who may just miss the Super 50 now, but be one in four to five years.


6-3 275


JEREMY: Tough and Competitor are the words I would use to describe Burris. I like his ability to fight and back down. At UC camp he was challenging the best of the best players there. There were others who did not do the same.

DAVE: The first time I saw Burris I questioned if he could play at the next level. But after seeing him in camp and on film I feel he's got enough tools to be a above average guard at the next level. Playing quality talent on a regular basis has slowed his development but he's tough and will take on all-comers. Needs to find a program that will take shorter linemen.


6-6.5 251


JEREMY: The Ohio State commit is a ‘Jake of all trades' playing TE and DE, many see him as an OT but I only see him there if he can get to about 290. Which is what you need to play at the major college level, unless you are freakishly technique sound. His weight is at 255 now, if he gets it up then he will be a Tackle. He wont be a inside player, too athletic, however if he does not get the weight needed to play tackle I see him as a TE, very similar to Ben Hartsock.

DAVE: Here is a player that Jeremy and I've seen some heated discussions about. Jeremy thinks he more of a tight-end and I see an All-Big Ten and All-American offensive tackle in the making. I know Jake wants to be a defensive end, but after seeing him at a couple of camps and combines I see Eric Winston (Miami, Fla.) is very athletic and has great bend to go with his long arms. With his great feet and athletic ability Ballard will make a great left tackle once he adds some weight.

Ok, there you have some of the players were considering for the Super 50 team. How deep is Ohio in offensive line talent? So deep we left off some names who will sign with Division One schools.

Do you agree with our breakdown of these players? If not, you can post on the football message board about who we missed or who we have too high or low.



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