Do You Remember Me?

When looking back at players in the Class of 2004, many felt this prospect would never be heard from again. But with desire and work he's looking to make a return to the football field this fall and become a Bearcat.

If we look at Roman history we learn about Pompey the Great and his work with Caesar and Crassus. Pompey went to great lengths to help keep the Roman Empire safe from pirates and outside aggression until tension arose between Caesar and himself. In the end, Pompey would flee to Egypt were he would be murdered.

Much of Pompey the Greats life could compare to another Pompey. Rodney Pompey has much in common with his namesake. As an offensive lineman at La Salle High School (Cincinnati, Ohio) Pompey was asked to go to great lengths to help keep defenders from bringing physical aggression onto Lancers quarterbacks.

Built with great physical size (6'7" - 380+ lbs.) many felt Pompey was headed to stardom at the college level, and would become one of the best keep secrets in the Class of 2004. With an early offer from then Bearcats Head Football Coach Rick Minter, Pompey saw his football life headed in the right direction. But like Pompey the Great, tension would soon rise from within himself and the La Salle coaching staff until Pompey fled from the football fields and out of the recruiting limelight.

But while Pompey the Great would end up murdered in Egypt, Rodney Pompey found an inner strength and desire to find his way back to were he belongs. With determination and much effort, Rodney Pompey hopes to earn his way into the fold of the University of Cincinnati football program this fall.

While few people ever felt Rodney Pompey would ever see the field at Nippert Stadium again, the giant offensive line prospect has committed to the Bearcats Strength Program over the past few months and will be looking for a chance to put the shoulder pads on again. But getting this chance didn't happen overnight.

Having reached a high of 415+ lbs., Pompey worked himself down to the 370-380 range and will take the field this fall in hopes of reaching the potential many felt he could reach.

Talking with Bearcats Strength Coach Tim Swanger he had the following to say about Pompey. "Rodney is a great kid who is working hard to get in shape for a chance to play at UC. The coaches are going to give him a chance, but he knows he's got to keep working hard and earn it."

While you won't see Rodney Pompey listed on any roster for the Bearcats at this time, don't be surprised if he finds a greater ending to his story then what Pompey the Great found.

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