Davis Makes Impression

With several teams making the trip for the Bearcats 7-on-7 passing tournament, Thursday saw one player really impress the Bearcats football coaches.

Thursday and Friday saw several high school teams head into Nippert Stadium for some 7-on-7 football action. While there for both days, Bearcat Insider saw several top prospects take the field and showoff their football ability.

While these camps offer a great chance for high school teams to prepare for their upcoming season, they also allow Bearcats coaches to get a feel about some players who may not have camped this summer. While it looked like several players may have caught the eyes of some coaches, one player who may be a surprise to Bearcats fans left a big impression.

Quarterbacks a position the Bearcats are deep in heading into preseason camp. With seven players fighting for playing time and an eight having to sit out the season, one wouldn't feel coaches would be giving much time to the position with recruiting interest. But after watching the performance of Bellair High School (Ohio) quarterback Nate Davis that soon changed.

Davis has great athletic ability and the size needed to play the position at the next level. Davis has a cannon of an arm, and can hit any throw needed at the next level. In talking with a high school coach whose team went against Davis at UC, he had the following to say.

"I've seen a lot of very good quarterbacks over the years. But Nate Davis may be the best one I've ever seen in person. I heard about him, but after seeing him play I'm sold he's the best quarterback in Ohio. He's got all the tools and knows how to play the position. Most young quarterbacks are still learning about making their reads and knowing what to do with the football. Davis has that down and with the strength of his arm, he can make any throw you need to have made."

So are the Bearcats interested? Yes, any college coach would be... Before the 7-on-7 tournament it looked as if the Bearcats had set their sights on taking a quarterback, but after seeing both Aaron Opelt and Nate Davis perform this summer, either of these quarterbacks would look great in a Bearcats uniform.  Don't be surprised to hear of Davis getting an offer in the coming days or weeks from the Bearcats.


The first thing you notice is the physical size of Nate Davis. You then take notice once he goes back in shotgun to take a snap that his mind is already working over the defense. He's then able to make his reads at a fast pace and hit the right man. While this is being done without a defensive rush, you still notice these areas as strengths.

When you look at arm strength you notice Davis is able to make all the throws needed for the next level and do it with velocity on the football. I've seen all the top quarterbacks in Ohio this summer at the several camps I've been to and Davis has been the most impressive to date.

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