Breakdown: Ohio Tight Ends and Wide Receivers

What players are in the running to make the Bearcat Insider Super 50? We breakdown the tight ends and receivers today.

Wide Receivers

Troy Pascley - Alliance

JEREMY: Extremely fast and fluid, if you blink you may miss him. Will be an excellent slot player at Louisville who could grow into an outside deep threat as well. Has transferred high schools this summer to give him more opportunities to handle the ball, one of the best wide receivers in Ohio.

DAVE: Has all the physical size you look for in a big time target. While he's yet to put it all together, his best days are ahead of him. Very good pickup for Louisville who's hitting Ohio hard this year.

Jeff Cumberland - Brookhaven

JEREMY: Size and speed are lethal combinations for wide receivers and Cumberland has both, was dominating at the US Army combine in Akron this spring. The only knock on Cumberland is that he disappears in the games. Which makes me question his tenacity and his current level as a player, but no one can argue that he has the biggest upside of any player in the nation.

DAVE: "Freak" is a word used to describe a player you just can't explain. Has great physical abilities but hasn't shown his best on the field. Last season all the talent Brookhaven had on the field allowed Cumberland to go along for the ride, this year he will be the man as Brookhaven makes the move into Division One in Ohio. Great upside with a chance to play in the U.S. Army All-American Game and should make our Super 50.

Josh Chichester – Lakota West

JEREMY: 6'8" wide receivers should be illegal, especially in high school. He has a big frame to grow into before he can play at the next level. But that is why schools pay big money to their strength and conditioning staffs. Lack of speed is also a concern, could wind up being a tight end if he bulks up.

DAVE: Coach Cox loves Josh and is looking to put the ball in his hands as many times as possible this fall. Why not, how many defensive backs can match-up with the nation's tallest receiver. Down the road it will be interesting to see what happens with Josh. Does football keep his interest? Or does basketball creep in and steal him away. The Buckeyes got a player to keep an eye on, but it may not be receiver when it's all said and done.

Rob Parris - St. Ignatius

JEREMY: One of the most complete wide receivers in Ohio, can make the catches over the middle, fast enough to get deep, and is very physical in the running game. Going to Notre Dame will allow him the chance to take it all in before he has to play. Certainly one of the top 2 receivers that I would take on my team.

DAVE: Notre Dame didn't waste anytime in hitting Ohio and getting a player who is sometimes left behind in talks of top receivers. But the Irish know what they're getting and it's a solid dependable player who will produce down the road. Will he be a star? No, but he will get the job done.

Daven Jones – Glenville

JEREMY: Speed and ability to get downfield are the things that Jones displays. Needs work on his route running and being able to read the defenses while he is running his route. Nice player who is committed to Wisconsin.

DAVE: Another Glenville product who has the total package. Trained in speed, Jones follows a long line of players known for making the most of their athletic ability. But while he's a great player, he's not even the best on his own team. Coach Ginn is loaded this year and Jones will be a main reason for their success.

Tight Ends

Jacob Jake Ballard - Springboro

JEREMY: Was previewed with the offensive line as well, but I think he may end up staying at tight end especially if he does not get over 275. Will be a devastating blocker at the tight end position who will also be able to excel in the passing game as well, especially since Ohio State utilizes their tight ends very well.

DAVE: I still feel Jacob is a NFL tackle in the making. But what direction Ohio State takes him will be the factor in this. Best football is still ahead of him once he gets in the Buckeyes weight program with Coach Johnson.

Zach Meagher – Glen Este

JEREMY: Great blocker, good hands and is the best overall tight end in Ohio this year. Louisville has gotten a steal from one of their rival's backyards.

DAVE: Just a few months ago people asked. "Who is Zach Meagher?" Well it didn't take long for colleges to find out and Meagher wasted little time in ending his recruiting. I agree with Jeremy he's the best right now at this time, and should have a great career at Louisville, but I also feel there is another player who may have more upside.

Jerome Jones - Ursuline

JEREMY: Raw and unpolished are the only words that can describe Jones. He has only recently gotten serious about football, and like Cumberland has the athletic ability to do great things, but needs to show it on the field this season early to generate the attention that he is looking for from the colleges.

DAVE: I saw Jerome at the Miami Camp. While there I spoke with his high school coach who stressed he's not played his best football. A basketball player who's learning his physical skills and size makes him a top football talent. Best footballs ahead of him and look out two years from now.

Brett Huffman – Mass Wash

JEREMY: The Duke commit has been a solid contributor to the Massillon Washington team for the past couple of seasons. Needs to work on his overall game, but will be able to get on the field early at Duke due to the perils of that program.

DAVE: Not much is said about Huffman, but the kid can play some football. Duke is getting another player who may help them get out of the cellar of the ACC someday. While he's got a solid game, I don't feel he make the Super 50.

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