6'7 Prospect Has Bearcats Ranked High

At 6'7, this prospect has great upside. Where do the Bearcats stand? We go one-on-one and find out more.

If you're expecting to read were Coach Huggins has offered a power forward, you've clicked the wrong story. While this prospect has the height needed and skills to play a mean game of hoops, it's his football bloodline many colleges are looking at.

At 6'7 - 240 lbs. Toby Boeckman has seen several colleges' contact and show interest in his ability on the football field. The son of a former coach and brother of current Ohio State quarterback Todd Boeckman, Toby is looking to make his own way in the world of college athletics. So far it looks like things are going well.

Bearcat Insider has worked to reach the young Boeckman. We've missed him on several occasions while he traveled around playing AAU Hoops with the Northwest Ohio Basketball Club. But after returning from a recent tournament in Las Vegas, Toby called and gave us a few minutes to learn more about him and his future plans.

As for his background, Boeckman has shown promise on the court but his heart and soul is on the gridiron. A defensive end for State Champion St. Henry High School (Ohio), Boeckman has seen his stock rise after taking in a few summer camps. But this summer has been one of excitement as Boeckman's team has traveled the AAU circuit with success. In talking hoops Toby got very excited as he spoke about going against the nation's top player Greg Oden this summer. But while he's enjoying hoops, he knows football is what lies ahead.

One-on-One Toby Boeckman

BCI: Keeping busy with basketball this summer?

TB: Yes, we've played in several tournaments and have seen some success. We've got a player who's going to Dayton to play in college and some other good talent on the team. We've done pretty well this summer.

BCI: So are you looking at both sports in college?

TB: No, I'm going to play football in college. I really like football.

BCI: So what schools have offered you so far?

TB: Cincinnati, Bowling Green, Ball State, Miami Ohio, Toledo, Akron and Central Michigan so far.

BCI: Has any school caught your eye so far?

TB: Right now I really like UC and Bowling Green.

BCI: We're you able to camp at these schools?

TB: I camped one day at BG and then for three days at Ohio State. I got to know Coach Staten while at the Ohio State camp.

BCI: Have you made a visit at UC yet?

TB: I've been down there twice so far. The first time I came down and saw the campus. Coach Dantonio wasn't there so I made another trip down and that's when he offered me a scholarship.

BCI: How did you feel after getting your offer?

TB: Great, I really like what I've seen from Cincinnati so far. I like the coaches and feel Coach Dantonio is a great person and coach I could see myself playing for.

BCI: What did you like most about UC?

TB: I really like its location. I like the idea of being in a city were I could go watch the Bengals or Reds and I'm a big basketball fan so getting a chance to watch UC play would also be great. Plus I would be close to home and Todd.

BCI: Have you come up with a time frame to make your choice?

TB: I feel it would be great to get it out of the way before the season starts, but right now I'm waiting to see what happens and what offers are on the table when the time comes.

BCI: What do you feel is your strength as a player?

TB: I think the fact I could move around is a strength. I could play tight end or tackle at the next level. I've got a great wing span and quickness for my size, but I'll need to put some weight on.

BCI: What do you feel is your weakness?

TB: I know I need to get stronger, but I feel using my hands during blocking is were I need to really work on to improve my game.

BCI: What's it been like going through the recruiting process?

TB: It's been good. Dad knows lots of people who've helped out and I saw Todd go through it so I really can't complain.

BCI: How does St Henry look this year?

TB: Our senior class is real small with only 6 of us. But our junior class is very strong and while we've lost a lot of talent from last years team, many of these younger guys got chances to play last year and should be ready. I feel were going to surprise a lot of people this year.

BCI: Have you given any thought as to what you may want to study in college?

TB: I'm thinking of business school right now.

BCI: Have you already taken you test?

TB: Yes, but I'm going to keep taking it until I get the score I want.

BCI: Will you be playing both ways this year?

TB: I'll be playing defensive end fulltime this year and I'll also get some time on offense.

BCI: Toby thank you for taking the time and talking with us about your recruiting.

TB: Thank you!

While Toby has gone under the radar, he's got the ability and size to become a great player at the college level. I had the chance to watch Toby in the state championships and came away very impressed with what I saw.

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