Preseason Day Four Report

Tim Adams reports from Nippert as the Bearcats get another day closer to their opener against Eastern Michigan. Today ends our coverage from Nippert as the team will move to Camp Higher Ground.

-Players wore helmets, shoulder pads and shorts. The offense switched from black to red jerseys today to try and help with the heat. The defense wears white. The team leaves for Camp Higher Ground tomorrow and will have its first practice in full pads.

-Ryan Brown (OG) was in a green jersey today and participated in very few drills. Chris Flores seemed to be his primary replacement at left guard, but Frank Straub got some reps with the first unit as well.

-Bad news on the Derrick Stewart front. Derrick did not practice again today, and BCI spoke to him. He was informed that it does not look good for his participation this year. He was hoping to be a partial qualifier but the NCAA apparently doesn't allow those any more. Derrick intends to enroll in school and play next year. His last words to me were, "This will only make me stronger."

-Delbert Ferguson was upgraded from his yellow jersey to a green jersey and did participate in more drills.

-It looks as if the Bearcats will use Jared Martin at cornerback this year. Four of today's seven corners were true freshmen (Cedric Tolbert, Brad Jones, Mike Mickens and Martin). The other corners were Antoine Horton, Walter Dudley, and John Bowie. K.L. Smith is apparently struggling in the classroom.

-Digger Bujnoch looks to have regained the #1 right tackle spot, but this year's O-line will likely use 8-10 guys.

-A portion of the old smokestack by the generator has been saved and will eventually be put in the green space by the Lindner building.

-The Bearcats will wear black jerseys and black pants for their home games again this season. The road uniforms will be white on white. (There is also talk of a Red Jersey)

-Long snapper Patrick Farfsing has been in a yellow jersey all week but doing some snapping.

-I thought Kevin Huber had another good day punting the football edging out Chet Ervin, but both had some towering 50 yarders.

-Kevin Lovell kicked well again today. He's very consistent.

-I think Dominic Goodman looks better and better every day at receiver.

-I counted 100 players practicing today, but I did not see Tyjuan Jones. He's apparently still with the squad according to several sources.

-All entrances to Nippert will be ready for the opener except the entrance under the Lindner building.

-I don't know if Marcus Waugh will play this year especially with the depth at running back, but he has impressed me with his hustle, quick feet and all around ability.

-The most spirited drill I witnessed today came in the form of a pass blocking drill between the linebackers and running backs. I think the running backs got the better of it and let the linebackers know it.

-Today's BIG hit was delivered by Haruki Nakamura. In an 11 on 11 drill, Haruki timed a hit on Earnest Jackson just as the pass arrived, putting a defenseless Jackson flat on his back. There was to be no tackling in the drill, but Earnest took the big hit and held onto the football. Glatthaar and Celek immediately let Nakamura know their displeasure and Coach Dantonio took notice and sent the DB over to run the stadium steps.

-Michael Brown (DE) had a good day in a pass rush drill with the O-line, and Joel Yakovac had a good day for the offensive line.

-In the 11 on 11 drill, the defense got burned for 2 long TD's. The first saw Bradley Glatthaar burst up the middle and outrun everyone for a score. Only a few plays later Antwuan Giddens beat Cedric Tolbert deep and took a perfectly thrown ball from Grutza for a touchdown.

-Corey Smith is probably a bit small for a linebacker, but he's very active and seems to really know what he's doing.

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