Preseason Report Camp Higher Ground Notes

The Bearcats went full go on Wednesday as practice moved to Camp Higher Ground. Bearcat Insider was on hand and has the following report.

Practice was moved to an hour later because of the heat. It worked for a little while as the clouds keep the sun away, but once out the sun wore on several players and tempers flared from time to time as full contact was had for the first time in camp.

Yellow Jerseys were worn today by Haithcock, Mimms, J. Hall and Farfsing. Farfsing still snapped during drills. Also in yellow was freshman Tyler Clifford. Tyler had the following to say about being out.

"The coaches said they were planning on redshirting me so I don't feel as bad about being out. But I would rather be on the field. This injury was really strange. I hurt it during practice for the North - South Game and went ahead and played. Then a few weeks after the game it still hurt and I got it checked out and that's when we found out the injury was bad."

With full pads contact started on Wednesday tempers flared on several occasions. The coaches ran several different one-on-one drills and the first outbreak came from Ryan Brown against D'arrell Brown. The outburst was short and things got back to normal. The second one came during hamburger drills and involved Doug Jones and Anthony Hoke. Jones would have issues several times during practice and coaches were quick to get on him to shape up and show leadership.

Steve Huff was in shorts and helmet during practice. He told BCI he will be full go Thursday and he's very excited about getting on the field.

The O-Line saw Eastlake, Brown, Webster, Simon and Bujnoch left to right.

Was very impressed with running back Marcus Waugh. The freshman shows quick feet and the ability to lower his shoulder and get positive yards. Waugh is listed as number 34 on the roster and is now wearing #35.

Corey Smith was in green during practice but didn't back away from contact.

Cedric Tolbert looks to have the upper hand for one corner position. Coach Barnett spoke very highly of him and also of Mike Mickens and Brad Jones. Jones is moving back and forth from safety and corner. Look for our video interview with Coach Barnett.

During the first major contact Bradley Glatthaar was shook up but only missed a few minutes before heading back into practice.

Trevor Canfield went down and didn't return for the day. The freshman went down early in the hamburger drill with what he first thought was a broken right leg. But after looking doctors didn't feel there was a break and he was held out.

Brad Bury also went down during the drill with what looked like a stinger. After getting checked out doctors held him out of the rest of practice.

The hamburger drill was won by the offense. While the offense held the advantage and made several scores in the contest, a couple of players left their marks on defense. Cedric Tolbert had a huge hit in the drill and helped the defense to one of the few wins they would enjoy. After the drill the defense got together and Coach Narduzzi challenged several players to step up and stop being soft.

7-on-7 drills saw both sides have their up and downs. Dominick Goodman took a big hit while trying to make a catch but got right up. Earnest Jackson showed his big play ability with a long touchdown catch. Several times the defense jumped off sides and each time they did several up-downs. The same went for the offense when they made a mistake.

Grutza, Davila, Spitzer, Wess and Carey all took snaps during 7-on-7 drills. Wess while showing a good arm sometimes looked slow in making his reads. But overall the newcomer is making the coaches think about keeping him in the mix at QB.

During the 7-on-7 we noticed cornerback Antoine Horton staying out of the drill and walking with a limp. It didn't look serious and we'll keep an eye on it.

Butler Benton had the big run of the day while Bradley Glatthaar showed his hard running style.

It's amazing to see the Bearcats camp moved to Higher Ground. Talking with coordinator John Widecan, he said the cost of Higher Ground is not much different then if the Bearcats stayed on campus. Plus the advantage of not having any distractions is a positive for coaches and players.

All the Bearcats get great treatment from Bill Walker and the medical staff.

Talking with Strength and Conditioning Coach Tim Swanger about Higher Ground, he stressed the camp is a positive for everyone involved. "During camp players in the past would lose weight but not here at Higher Ground. In fact we've had players gain as much as fourteen pounds during camp. The food is great and once we get the equipment unloaded they have everything they would have back on campus."

Almost everything was ready to go on Wednesday. The only thing not ready was the weight equipment but it was on the way and would be ready first thing Thursday morning.

Practice saw several guests taking in practice. Director of Athletics Bob Goin showed up with Deputy Director W. Dean Billick. Also on hand were Brian Teter and Paul Klaczak and several other members of the administrative and medical staff.

Tom Hathaway was on hand for the entire practice to make sure media members had what they wanted. For the afternoon practice Bearcat Insider was the only one on hand.

One group that no one notices is the people who film practice.  While up in the lifts they are stuck in the air until the end of practice.


The sun and heat takes it's toll but they keep doing the job needed so the coaches have film of the day.  Great Job!!

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