Preseason Report Camp Higher Ground Day 2

Camp Higher Ground morning practice proved to provide high heat on the field and in the air. Bearcat Insider was on hand for Day Two of Camp Higher Ground.

It was another extremely hot day at Camp Higher Ground. The coaches are trying to be as careful as possible with the players. If any player looks sick, the coaches send a trainer to attend to them. There are also 3 minute water breaks and a "cool zone" tent available for the players. You'd be surprised how many guys can fit under that tent. Today players were permitted to take off their helmets when they weren't on the field. After practice, there are a half dozen 2 man tubs and a kiddie pool filled with ice water. Players are encouraged to soak in those tubs to help prevent afternoon cramping.

-It was a full gear practice.

-Today's #1 offensive line consisted of Eastlake, Brown, Webster, Reinstatler and Bujnoch, but Jeremy Bolton caught my eye. Being Eastlake's back-up is not the ideal spot, but the big sophomore from Connor High School is certainly improving. On the other hand, Rodney Pompey is with the 3rd unit and a bit of an enigma. Rodney is the biggest man out there, yet he often hits no one during a play. However, there are times when you see him bury someone, just not often enough.

-A yellow jersey means very limited action or no action for that player. The yellow jersey list included Kevin McCullough, Doug Jones, Patrick Mimms, Bill Poland, Derrik Haithcock, and Marcus Waugh.

-A green jersey means limited action. The green jersey list included Brad Bury and Trevor Canfield. Canfield was limping pretty badly but still hustled everywhere.

-On the positive side, JaJuan Hall practiced for the 1st time with a regular jersey, and Delbert Ferguson shed his green jersey today.

-The #1 goalline unit at this time includes from left to right Carvitti, Roberts, Newton, Byrd, Wimmer, and Hoke.

-As reported earlier, Jordan Roth is helping out with the team but will never play football again. Five surgeries to his left knee have taken their toll, but Jordan expects to graduate with a degree in finance management in less than 4 years. Jordan is a redshirt sophomore but has only 5 quarters of school remaining.

-Tyjuan Jones was again absent from practice. He is apparently taking care of some academic work.

-As I watch practice, it's clear to me that Bradley Glatthaar is the #1 tailback, but Glatthaar could also be used at fullback to take advantage of the fine summer Mike Daniels is having. Glatthaar has gotten even stronger and is an absolute brute with the football.

-With Doug Jones on the sidelines today, both Dwight Stargel (FB) and Marcus Winston (FB) showed they are not afraid to hit people.

-The QB competition still looks to be Grutza, Davila and Wess, but it tough to imagine Wess remaining as the #3 QB when he could probably get playing time elsewhere.

-The punting was somewhat limited today, but Kevin Huber had the best punt. The Bearcats look very solid at placekicking. Lovell is his usual self, and Brandon Yingling continues to improve.

-You'll see individual players or an entire unit doing exercises during practice. If a player makes a mistake in an individual drill, he can expect to do some push-ups. If that player makes a mistake in a team drill, you can expect the entire offensive or defensive units to do up/downs, including kickers.

-Coach Roushar and Coach Staten are really pushing the offensive linemen.

-Today's practice was the most vocal I've seen Coach Dantonio. I tried to stay far away from him. It was way too hot for this old guy to be doing push-ups.

-BCI has told you the last couple days about Corey Smith (LB). Today Smith worked with the #1 defensive unit. Remember that Corey Smith is the young man that rode a bus from New Jersey to Cincinnati during his spring break in high school so he could attend spring practice at UC. His hustle and attention to detail has apparently caught someone else's eye.

-Bill Poland hopes to be running in about a week and still expects to be ready to play in the E. Michigan opener. We'll see. He can barely walk at this point.

-The #1 defensive line included Germany, Wimmer/Byrd. Newton, and Roberts. The #2 unit had Trevor Anderson, Thomas Clagett, D'Arrell Brown, and Tony Carvitti.

-The #1 linebackers included Hoke, Morgan/Carpenter, and Corey Smith. The #2 group was Nelms, Carpenter/Morgan, and Craig.

-The #2 offensive line was Bolton, Flores, Yakovac, Simon and El-Amin.

We only covered the morning practice today but will be back at Higher Ground on Friday, Saturday and Sunday practice.

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