Critiquing the Bearcats Coaches

While the coaches are breaking down the players, Tim Adams takes a look at the coaches and gives a breakdown of each. In a fun manner!

Coaches are always watching film and critiquing their players so I thought the coaches deserved to be evaluated by a fan. I've watched them during spring practices and now summer practices so who knows more than I do? That's a rhetorical question by the way.

I'll use the same order as the roster. That means we start at the top.

Coach Dantonio

Everyone says he's a nice guy, but he scares the bejesus out of me. When he opens his mouth in practice, I freeze and pray I'm not in the way. There is absolutely no doubt that he's the man in charge, and when he's not happy, no one is. I'm sure he smiles occasionally, but I'm never around to see it. I like to keep my distance.

Unlike Rick Minter, Coach Dantonio allows his staff to coach. He's primarily an administrator on the practice field, but he also serves as a disciplinarian. His practices are ALWAYS very organized with no time wasted. His assistant coaches like and respect him.

Don Treadwell

(offensive coordinator - receivers): This guy is cut from the same cloth as Coach Dantonio. He is all business on the practice field and seldom smiles. He praises his guys and encourages them, but he's not much of a screamer. He's very professional on and off the field.

Pat Narduzzi

(defensive coordinator - linebackers): You'd swear this guy is loaded up on caffeine. He is constant motion, and he insists his defenses be just like him. They are trained as a unit to ALWAYS run to the football. The play is never over until all eleven defenders are surrounding the football, and he's always with them despite dragging a bad knee. He not above a little trash talking at practice either. The players seem to love his enthusiasm.

Harlon Barnett

(defensive backs): He's actually pretty low key for a defensive coach, especially compared to Coach Narduzzi. His style seems to be more brotherly with the players. He's another guy that doesn't like to scream at practice. He'd much rather talk to his player on the side. I think there's no question his players really like him.

Dan Enos

(quarterbacks): I really believe this guy is the brightest star on a staff of stars. He's demanding but can also be patient. He gets after his guys but is also quick to praise them. You get the impression that he really enjoys being on the practice field, and he'll provide some levity so things don't get too boring. He's a quarterback technician, and our guys are lucky to have him.

Ted Gill

(defensive line): This is the veteran on the staff with 30 years of coaching experience. You get the feeling he's seen it all. He's seems to look at the game from purely a clinical standpoint. He's compassionate but demanding. He does a great job of getting those big guys to hustle without ever raising his voice.

Tim Hinton

(running backs): Coach Hinton tends to be on the loud side. No one has trouble hearing his instructions. He's quick to praise and just as quick to discipline. He has a wealth of knowledge and has been a head coach at three different high schools. He's been a position coach on both sides of the ball which has to be an asset.

Dan Roushar

(offensive line - guards - centers): This guy is intense. He's the new addition to the staff, but I honestly think he's an upgrade. He's probably the smallest coach on the staff, and ironically, he's coaching the biggest athletes. He's probably the most animated coach on the staff. He lets those big guys know when he's unhappy.

Mark Staten

(Tight ends, tackles, recruiting): He's got a lot on his plate, but he seems super organized and more than capable. In addition to those responsibilities already listed, he helps with special teams. He's the guy you want on your side in a bar fight. He's another guy that's not a big screamer, but he will get in a player's face if necessary.

Mike Tressel

(linebackers and special teams): He is a lot like Coach Narduzzi. He's always moving and instructing and is right with Coach Narduzzi running to the football in scrimmage situations. He brings a lot of energy to the field and is very focused.

After this story runs, I hope I don't have any of these guys in my face.<

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