Trevor Anderson Making Adjustments

The Michigan native chose the Bearcats over the Wolverines so he could cause havoc on offensive backs during his college career instead of being one. Just don't ask if he likes Michigan! He doesn't...

Trevor Anderson comes to Cincinnati with some impressive recognition. He was named 1st team all-state in Michigan, and the Detroit News rated him the #15 player in the entire state. Some at UC think this freshman defensive end could actually earn some playing time this season.

Trevor was among a handful of out-of-town recruits that reported to Cincinnati at the beginning of the summer to take advantage of getting into the weight room and getting ahead academically. Since his high school had no weight room, the experience was really beneficial. It certainly opened his eyes to the power of college athletes. "When I first got here, I didn't know what I was doing. My high school didn't have a weight room, and I had never done any squatting at all. I was able to bench over 300 pounds, but there were guys in there doing 345 pounds five times. I was like ‘Damn!' But I know I'll eventually get there too. I have a lot of natural strength because I do a lot of push-ups." I have to admit Trevor does have a huge chest.

Most schools recruited Trevor as a defensive linemen, but Michigan recruited him late and wanted him as a fullback. He signed with the Bearcats despite the fact that UC wanted him fighting in the trenches instead of carrying the football and getting some glory. Most kids would prefer the job of running the football, but Trevor's reasoning for wanting to play defensive line was simple and succinct. "I like tackling."

The defensive line has its version of the "kiddie corp." There's Thomas Claggett at 280 pounds, Terrill Byrd at 295 pounds, Patrick Mimms at 290 pounds, and Trevor is the baby at 263 pounds. Although Trevor isn't quite as heavy as his classmates, he feels he makes up for it with his aggression. "I'm able to make a lot of plays because I'm aggressive. I don't give up on plays."

When asked about what needed improvement, Trevor was quick to identify his technique. "I know my coach, Ted Gill, would say my technique. He says I was taught pretty well in high school, but linemen are bigger and quicker in college, and it's all about technique now."

The Bearcats inclusion to the Big East did play a role in Trevor's recruitment. The Big East brings the possibility of a BCS bowl game with it, and Trevor would love to see a match-up between UC and Michigan. Bearcat fans would like that too.

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