Revels Believes in Team Concept

Having won the Division One Ohio High School State Championship last season, Andre Revels learned a team is greater than any one player.

Andre Revels was a star player on the 2004 Colerain Cardinal football team that won the Ohio Division I state championship, but Revels doesn't believe in stars. He believes in teams. When asked to identify the best returnee at Colerain this year, he replied, "I couldn't pick out the best player on the team because then it wouldn't be a Colerain team, it would be an individual squad. As long as they work like a team, they‘ll accomplish what they want to do."

Revels realizes the jump from high school to college is significant both on the field and in the classroom. To help prepare for that jump, Andre enrolled in classes for the 2nd term of summer classes at UC and found time to regularly visit the weight room. He feels the preparation has helped put him in the best shape of his young life, but he was still unprepared for the demands college football puts on a player's time. "One of the toughest adjustments has been learning to deal with the schedule throughout the day. It's really tough, and the days are really long. You wake up early, and you don't get back to your room until late. It's pretty much 7 days a week. It's crazy."

As a linebacker, Andre has to learn Coach Narduzzi's stunting, unpredictable defense, but he feels his time at Colerain has helped prepare him for UC's defense. "Learning the defense hasn't been as tough as it could have been. Coach Coombs at Colerain does a lot of the same things as Coach Narduzzi. The toughest part has been learning the checks. There's a lot of that in college."

When asked to identify his best attributes, Andre gave a very modest answer. "I really don't think Andre Revels is that good. I do go out there and try as hard as I can, but I don't see anything that good about Andre Revels, the football player, yet."

Andre was asked to speculate on whether any of his ex-teammates at Colerain would take a similar college path to UC. "I really don't know, but I've heard a lot of good things about the way they're being recruited. There's some guys there with some awfully big offers, but of course, I could see some guys coming here. I don‘t know who, but I think it‘s definitely possible."

Having goals is important, but Andre's goals are as modest as he is. "My goal here is to contribute and help elevate the way Cincinnati sees our football program. I want all of us-the coaches, the players, even the teachers to feel good about what we're achieving."

In about 3 weeks, Andre and his teammates can take their first step in achieving his goals.


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