Preseason Camp Higher Ground August 15 Morning

Monday morning saw the Bearcats retake the field after a day of play on the grounds of Kings Island. Tim Adams was on hand and files this report.

The weather finally cooperated, and it was probably the coolest day at Camp Higher Ground since the Bearcats arrived. Practice was in full gear.

-The only green jerseys were Marcus Waugh and Doug Jones. Jones did not finish practice, but Waugh rebounded from his concussion last week to have a very good practice. This is a tough, strong young man.

-The yellow jersey players were Marcus Winston, who is simply not feeling well and doesn't know why, and J.P. Simon.

-Coach Dantonio was on the warpath early. After yesterday's day off, he was not happy with the intensity.

-Adam Roberts was again on crutches with his left foot in a boot.

-Tony Carvitti took Roberts' spot with the #1 defense. Everyone else was the same as Saturday. Trevor Anderson looked fine after leaving Saturday's practice a little early and returned to his spot with the #1unit at DE.

-The punting was very inconsistent today with very few punts even 40 yards. Kevin Huber had the misfortune of having two of his punts blocked.

-Freshman offensive lineman, Jeff Linkenbach II, is a really big kid but is going to need to work on increasing his strength.

-Lamonte Nelms is now with the #3 unit at defensive end.

-It looks to me that Bradley Glatthaar is clearly the #1 TB with Mike Daniels at #2. Daniels continues to have a very good camp. He broke a kickoff return and a swing pass a TD‘s. Butler Benton and Delbert Ferguson are starting to make some plays. Butler missed spring due to shoulder surgery, and Delbert shed a green jersey only a few days ago.

-Brandon Yingling is suffering a bit from being in Kevin Lovell's shadow. During kickoffs today, Brandon apparently shied away from trying to tackle Mike Daniels on a return. Coach Dantonio barked, "Yingling, how many tackles you think Lovell made?" Bearcat fans know that Lovell is a legitimate defender on kickoffs.

-Bill Poland was in shoulder pads and a helmet today but had a limited workout on the side. He did not visit Kings Island yesterday. He stayed at Camp Higher Ground and worked on rehabbing his knee. He is hoping to start practicing in a few more days. There are 17 days until the opener.
-Antwuan Giddens continues to impress me in several areas. He's blocking downfield well. He beat Antoine Horton deep today only to have Dustin Grutza badly underthrow the ball. He also blocked a punt. Bearcat fans are really going to like the improvement in this guy.

-Dominick Goodman made a couple of catches today.

-I've noticed there have been very few fumbles and interceptions in camp.

-Greg Moore injured his shoulder today, and John Bowie didn't finish practice due to a suspected stinger.

-Kevin McCullough had probably his best day of practice. He made several big plays including tackles for loss of both Glatthaar and Benton in the live scrimmage.

-Andre Revels continued to shine with the #3 defense.

-Terry Arnold had a tackle for loss from his new position, linebacker.

-In addition to badly under throwing a wide open Giddens today, Dustin Grutza badly overthrew a wide open Derick Ross on a 20 yard pass in the end zone.

-Antoine Horton continues to be bothered by a groin injury but has practiced every day.

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