News & Notes Camp Higher Ground Scrimmage

The Bearcats took to the field at Camp Higher Ground looking to answer several questions as they count down the days to their season opener against Easter Michigan. Bearcat Insiders Tim Adams was on hand and files this report. This is a free story for those who have not joined to see what Bearcat Insider is all about.

Camp Higher Ground saw cooler temperatures but also some rain this morning for the scheduled scrimmage. In fact, it sprinkled throughout most of the scrimmage. Despite the wet ball, there were few turnovers. One of the real positives so far is the fact that the Bearcats have suffered no serious injuries to date. A few guys are nicked up, but no one is expected to miss the opener. Several media were present including Dan Hoard of WXIX.

-Today's practice began with the entire team doing some running because Coach Dantonio felt players were coming onto the field too slowly.

-The #1 defensive unit consisted of Tony Carvitti, Jon Newton, Jamie Wimmer, and Trevor Anderson on the D-line. Byrd got some reps here too. The linebackers were Kevin McCullough, Jon Carpenter, and Anthony Hoke. Remember BCI reported yesterday that McCullough had his best practice of the summer. The corners were Walter Dudley and Antoine Horton while the safeties were Haruki Nakamura and Dominic Ross.

-The #1 offense had Steve Eastlake, Ryan Brown, Matt Webster, Jeff Reinstatler, and Digger Bujnoch across the front. Brent Celek was the TE; Dustin Grutza was at QB, Doug Jones was at FB with Bradley Glatthaar at TB; and Earnest Jackson and Derick Ross were the receivers, but Giddens was also in the mix.

-As with most scrimmages, a creative scoring system was used. The offense won the contest and the right to continue wearing the black practice jerseys by a 76-54 score.

-These are unofficial stats, but I had Bradley Glatthaar carrying the ball 17 times for approximately 135 yards. He was an absolute monster. He pancaked Antoine Horton on one 15 yard carry that ended on the 3 yard line. This guy does not play like a sophomore, and one of the coaches told me that Bradley could definitely have played at Ohio State. As always, he didn't fumble.

-Mike Daniels looked good again. He took a screen pass from Davila for a 27 yard TD and had a couple nice runs.

-Butler Benton is starting to look like his old self. He literally ran over Nakamura at the goalline for a 15 yard TD. Delbert Ferguson played primarily with the #3 group and saw very little daylight.

-I think Dustin Grutza hit about 50% of his passes, but showed the ability to move around in the pocket and escape from trouble.

-The #2 O-line consisted of Bolton, Flores, Yakovac, Straub, and El-Amin. Davila was the #2 QB. There was a mix of receivers and running backs.

-The #2 defense had Germany, Byrd, D'arrell Brown, and DeFilippo across the front. Corey Smith, Leo Morgan and Angelo Craig were the linebackers with Mickens and Tolbert at the corners and Wess and Stansbery as the safeties.

-Throughout the scrimmage, Tony Carvitti, Kevin McCullough, Nick DeFilippo, Donald Germany, Anthony Hoke and Antoine Horton recorded sacks. Donald Germany intercepted Davila after Mickens batted the ball in the air.

-The BIG hit for the defense belonged to Trevor Anderson. Anderson exploded into Antwuan Giddens as he cut back on a jailbreak screen. Giddens managed to hold onto the ball and his teeth.

-The #3 D-line was Haithcock, Hoppel, Clagett and Nelms. The #3 O-line was Linkenbach, Gawronski, Jurek, Canfield, and Pompey and Huff sharing time at right tackle.

-I thought Davila threw into traffic a little more than he should have, but he also made some nice gains.

-Todd Spitzer hooked up with freshman, Jared Martin, for a 25 yard completion, and Dominick Goodman had at least 2 catches in the scrimmage. If a freshman receiver plays this year, it's starting to look like it will be Dominick.

-Andre Revels was admonished once by Coach Dantonio to shut his mouth. Andre is a big talker on the field.

-On the negative side, Kevin Lovell missed a 36 yard field goal, but later hit a chip shot from 20 yards.

-Another freshman that showed something was Connor Barwin (TE) as he and Grutza connected for a 18 yard TD.

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