Breakdown: Camp Higher Ground Aug 17

It was another hot and humid afternoon at Camp Higher Temperatures, I mean Ground. The morning practice was helmets and shoulder pads, but the afternoon session was full pads.

-There were a few changes in the depth chart today, but keep in mind that not all these changes are due to performance. Some are because of injuries. Others are so the coaching staff can see how a player performs with the top guys around him.

-The #1 offensive line saw John Tobin replace Ryan Brown at left guard.

-Mike Mickens replaced Walter Dudley at cornerback.

-JaJuan Hall replaced Dominic Ross at safety.

-The #1 linebackers were Hoke, McCullough, and Jon Carpenter.

-The #1 defensive line was Carvitti, Byrd, Wimmer, and Gernmany.

-Strength coach, Tim Swanger, told me tonight that pound for pound Kevin Lovell is as strong as anyone on the team. Lovell's added about 20 pounds since he came to UC, and he's an excellent athlete, especially for a kicker.

-The Detroit Lions had a scout at practice tonight. He asked if #5 (Antoine Horton) was a senior. This guy will be at LSU tomorrow. What a life.

-DeAngelo Smith has moved from safety to cornerback.

-Punting was much better today. I'd give a very slight edge to Kevin Huber today.

-A number of players were nicked up today but nothing serious. Everyone is still expected to be ready for the opener in 2 weeks.

-Antoine Horton picked off Todd Spitzer in today's 7 on 7 drill. Coach Enos seemed especially unhappy with Spitzer today, but Nick Davila also got some of the quarterback coach's wrath.

-Mike Mickens got an interception of sorts today too. He took a ball right out of Tommy Murray's hands in the 7 on 7 drill.

-Butler Benton and Greg Moore got a lot of reps with the #1 offense at tailbacks in the 11 on 11 drill. Players do hit but defenders are not supposed to tackle someone to the ground. Glatthaar did not participate in the drill. I think this had a lot to do with his having 19 carries yesterday. I don't think the staff wanted him being hit today.

-Practice ended with a few 2 minute drills. The offense started at its own 35 yard line. The #1 groups matched up twice. The offense stalled at the defense's 14 yard line the first possession, but there were two big plays for the offense. Grutza hit Earnest Jackson for one big gain, and later hit Antwuan Giddens for a 1st down on a 4th and 10 play. The #2 units took there turn. Davila found Connor Barwin for the only 1st down of their drive. The last 2 minute drill again matched the #1 units. Grutza went to Greg Moore on a swing pass, and Moore took it 65 yards for the score.

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