Bearcats Return Home: News & Notes

The Bearcats left Camp Higher Ground this morning and returned home. With Eastern Michigan only 12 days away, many small areas needed fine tuned.

The hot, humid temperatures followed us back from Camp Higher Ground for Saturday's morning practice at Nippert in helmets and shoulder pads. There were more position changes, and a few changes on the depth chart. REMEMBER: we will not report specific injuries, and some of these changes are due to injury. Several projected starters were on the sidelines today, but no one's injury is serious enough at this point to keep him off the field on September 1st.

-Bill Poland participate in a number of drills today and looked very good. He made one outstanding catch in the 7 on 7 drill. He reached back and caught a ball that was well behind him.

-Adam Hoppel has been moved to fullback from defensive tackle. It is my opinion this move was made because too many of the fullbacks have been injury prone.

-Adam Roberts still has a boot, but there is a definite hop to his step. I think he'll be returning very soon.

-Steve Gawronski has been moved from the offensive line to the defensive line.

-Marshwan Gilyard has been moved from receiver to defensive back.

-Patrick Mimms has been moved from defensive line to offensive line.

-The #1 defense today was Carvitti, Newton, Wimmer, and Germany on the D-line. Carpenter, McCullough, and Hoke were the linebackers while Mickens, Hall, Nakamura and Horton were the DB's.

-The #1 offense was Eastlake, Brown, Webster, Reinstatler, Bujnoch, and Celek on the line. Grutza at QB with a variety of runners and receivers. I think the staff has been resting Glatthaar because they know what they have with that stud. I think they want to know what the pecking order will be after Bradley. Mike Daniels continues to impress me. He's working and hustling. He's catching the ball well out of the backfield, and although he is short, he is very well put together. The "Big 4" receivers consisting of Poland, Jackson, Ross and Giddens have left everyone else looking to win the #5 and #6 spots. I will add that one of the Big 4 didn't practice today, but it's nothing serious. Carlos Simpson had the best day of the other receivers, but Jared Martin had a very nice one-handed catch down the sideline. Charlie Vample dropped a 25 yard TD pass from Davila.

-Mike Mickens made a nice interception of Dustin Grutza today on a deep pass. Grutza threw very well on short and intermediate passes.

-A lot of players are working in and out of the #2 spots, but Anthony Willaims for the 1st time this summer saw time with the #2's at LB.

-Tyjuan Jones returned to practice today, but he'll need to stay in t-shirt and shorts for at least 3 practices.

-Comprehensively, it was probably the best day of punting I've seen. All three punters had good punts today, but Kevin Huber again had a punt blocked. I believe Chet Ervin was today's winner.

-The #2 corners were Bowie and Tolbert.

-I really like Marcus Waugh. He's strong and has very good feet. I wouldn't be surprised to see him playing this year.

-Kevin Lovell hit about 9 of 10 field goals from the 35 -39 yard line, but struggled beyond the 40 yard line, making only about 1 of 4.

-I was very surprised that Craig Carey has apparently replaced David Wess as the back-up holder on placekicks. If Carey is to be red shirted, you certainly don't want him to lose that season because Grutza gets shaken up on a play and is unable to hold on an important field goal try.

-Brad Jones was the nickle back today.

-It's starting to look like maybe 10 or even 12 of these true freshman are going to play this season.

-We'll be having articles on Kevin McCullough and defensive line coach, Ted Gill, in the next few days.


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