BCI Media: Video Interview Coach Enos

While Bearcat fans know Dustin Grutza is the number one quarterback. Who is number two and just an injury away from the top spot? Coach Enos gives us the latest in this special video interview.

As preseason camp opened for the Cincinnati Bearcats, many fans were looked to see if Coach Dantonio and Coach Enos felt comfortable with Dustin Grutza as the number one quarterback. Those questions were quickly answered as Coach Dantonio named Grutza the starter early in camp. But while the number one spot was set, the battle for the backup job saw several quarterbacks fighting it out.

When camp opened, Nick Davila, David Wess, Todd Spitzer, Tony Pike and true freshmen Dominick Goodman and Craig Carey were all looking for reps and the chance to prove they were the right guy for the number two spot.

With seven quarterbacks fighting it out several saw the writing on the wall and looked to make their presence known on the field and make an early move to find reps and a chance to play this fall.

When Dominick Goodman asked for a move to receiver, it opened a few more reps for those left in the fight. Days later David Wess saw coaches showing him the athletic ability he has would be wasted while fighting it out for the number two spot. So Wess showed his teamwork by making the move to safety. With those two moves coaches could now look at Davila and Spitzer to find the player best suited to lead the Bearcats incase Grutza would go down.

As any fan of football knows, quarterbacks can be making a pass on one series and being helped off the field the next. Bearcat fans saw this last season as starting quarterback Gino Guidugli went down before the Louisville game leaving the Bearcats scrambling for his replacement. After that game the coaching staff knew if they wanted to compete in the Big East a second quarterback would be needed and ready to go if any injury would happen to Grutza.

While the spring saw Grutza earn the early nod as the starter, a backup was still far off in the distance of preseason camp. But with camp coming to an end, Coach Enos feels he's found the right player to run the Bearcats offense in case Grutza goes down.

Who is the number two quarterback? Bearcat Insider has this video interview with the Bearcats quarterback coach with more about all the players who fought for the right to be the number two man.

To view our interview with Coach Dan Enos please click the following link.


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