BCI Media: Coach Hinton Running Backs Coach

What does the Bearcats coaching staff think about the running backs that will take the field on Thursday night? Bearcat Insider goes right to the source with this special BCI Media Interview with Running Backs Coach Ron Hinton.

When the Bearcats offense takes the field Thursday night against Eastern Michigan, one position they don't have to worry about depth at is running back. With four sure tailbacks and one working to regain his high school form, Coach Hinton knows he's got the horses to help make the Bearcats running attack work.

Having a stable full of backs would cause some coaches nightmares, but Bearcats running back Coach Ron Hinton loves the idea of knowing Butler Benton, Bradley Glatthaar, Mike Daniels and Greg Moore are ready to wreck havoc on opposing defenses. But while having four backs is a luxury for any program, the Bearcats also have redshirt freshman Delbert Ferguson working his way back into his high school forum that made him one of the countries top running back prospects.

But while most programs are lucky to have two top backs the Bearcats can also boast one of the countries biggest fullbacks in Doug Jones. At 6'4 - 282 lbs. Jones can block like an offensive lineman or catch a pass like a tight end.

Bearcat Insider spoke with Coach Hinton about his backs and has this video interview for Bearcat Insider members.

Click here to view the interview:  Coach Hinton Video

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