Bearcat Insider Super 50 Ohio Prospects

There are many list of who people feel are the top football prospects in Ohio. After having been too camps at Cincinnati, Ohio State, Miami Ohio and the Akron combine, we breakdown our Super 50 Ohio Football Prospects. We start with those players number 1 - 10.

Well we put this off long enough and must now get around to naming Bearcat Insides "Ohio Super 50". Who made the list? We take our first look and give you players from 1 to 10. Why start at the bottom.

1: Chris Wells: There is no question Wells is the best running back prospect in the state and one of the best running backs in the country. No one will pass him in Ohio as much as I would have loved to name an offensive lineman in this deep class, Wells is just too good.

2: Thaddeus Gibson: This kid is legit and on the path to become a great defensive player in college. Could just as easy been listed as the number one prospect any other year.

3: Connor Smith: I've loved watching Smith play and he has a chance to be a solid lineman at the next two levels. That's right, next two levels. This kid will have a chance if healthy to play not only on Saturdays but also on Sundays. I feel he's the most finished prospect of the offensive linemen.

4: Jake Ballard: Big Jake has a chance to be an NFL player if he can ad the weight. While many look at him for defensive end or tight end, I see an All-American tackle waiting in the wings. But his weight will need to increase for that to happen. Has great bend and that is why I'm so high on him as a linemen.

5: Robert Rose: The pipeline at Glenville just keeps pumping out talent. Rose is the next great talent and has a great motor for the game. Aggressive and able to get on tackles hips super fast, Rose will look to be an impact player in college.

6: Justin Boren: If not for Smith he would be sitting as Ohio's best prepared prospect. While there are a couple of linemen who could end up better after they get some coaching, Boren already has an idea like Smith what to do. Lack of height doesn't bother me as he will be a guard or center.

7: Kurt Coleman: I watched Coleman take Javon Ringer down in a game last season and had not seen any player do it with the skill and speed he did it at. Kurt was under the radar until the "Big Boys" started calling.

8: Lee Tilley: The jury is still out if his move to Franklin Heights will have any effect on his recruiting. But Lee has the skills to be a "Big Time" tackles in the right system. While Lee has many top offers, he would be better suited to stay at a smaller DI program. Advanced pass blocker who needs work on his run blocking.

9: Aaron Brown: Athletic lineman who has much upside. Long arms and great feet will allow Aaron a chance to be a good left tackle in the right system. But if he doesn't get these skills right away he could also become a top quality guard. While Aaron has many top offers he's only going to get better if he's on the field and not sitting behind other linemen for two or three years. Athletic and still learning.

10: Ray Small: Small is a great looking athlete who is built solid. Saw during two different summer camps and he impressed at both and caught the eyes of college coaches. While Small will be on the defensive side of the ball, he's also got decent hands and could line up and catch the ball.

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