Treadwell Talks Offense

The days are counting down as the Bearcats prepare for Miami, hear what Coach Treadwell has to say about the offense and Miami as he sat down with the Insider.

Coach Treadwell warned that he wouldn't have much to say about Miami, but he did speak about a number of other topics as players continually marched by after practice ringing the Victory Bell. To give the fans an idea of how vigorously the players ring that bell, I've included the ringing in the interview.

Coach Treadwell has served as offensive coordinator at Boston College and Ball State so BCI wanted to know how he's changed over the years. "I think like anything (ring, ring, ring…) you continue to learn. I've been very fortunate to be at Boston College, Ball State, and even Youngstown State with Coach Tressel, and I've always been interested in continuing to learn from everybody (ring, ring, ring…). Here with Coach Dantonio, we've put together an amazing offensive staff. I always kind of tease the guys, but I really mean it when I come out of our meetings. I use two words ‘enlightened' and ‘inspired.' I really feel that way because there's so much those guys give in our meetings. You throw in Coach Enos (four time OC), Coach Hinton-he's been a head coach, Couch Roushar-he's been an OC in Big Ten, and Coach Staten, and there's so much they contribute to our game preparation."

Next we talked about the process during the game of calling the plays. Coach Treadwell is up in the coaches' box and sends the play to Coach Enos on the field. How much conversation takes play between coaches? "There's not much talk between plays (ring, ring, ring…), but there is conversation between series. That's when we reflect about what's going on, what we like, what we want to get to."

Coach Treadwell understands that his job includes taking criticism from fans, especially when the offense performs poorly. "(ring, ring, ring…) I think usually the older you get in this profession the more weather beaten you become. You know there are going to be some sunny days and some rainy days, but as long as you feel confident (ring, ring, ring…) that you're doing the best thing for your young men then everything will work itself out."

Since I'm not a big fan of the four-headed tailback, I couldn't resist asking if he was inclined to find a featured back. "Coach Hinton has a lot of latitude in that (ring, ring, ring…). He's on the field and can tell who's hot. We really let him handle those substitutions."

The Bearcats have struggled in getting their wideouts to make big plays. The longest completion for a wideout this season is only 27 yards. Is this an area that needs improvement? "Absolutely. We're looking to get some plays there (ring, ring, ring…), but we haven't necessarily hit them yet. In some cases the coverage may have taken it away, or we didn't get the throw that we wanted. We'll continue to build on that."

There has been some criticism leveled on our site and others that some Bearcat wideouts haven't been running good routes. However, a receiver's route can change from the huddle to the line of scrimmage according to the defensive alignment. Coach Treadwell confirmed this. "Absolutely (ring, ring, ring…). Defense will dictate to a certain degree what adjustments the receiver needs to make so routes can change." This makes it awfully difficult for any fan to actually know if players are running the wrong routes.

Do the Bearcats have a "go to" receiver? According to Coach Treadwell, that's not the case at all. "We have confidence in our receivers across the board. We roll about four almost five guys in and out of the game. (ring, ring, ring…)We want to keep everyone fresh. If a guy appears to be hot, that's just a bonus. We're more interested in the quarterback's read because coverage will dictate where we throw the ball anyway."

Coach Treadwell played and coached at Miami. Is it difficult for a Redhawk to return home as the enemy? "I really haven't given it much thought that way. I pretty much approach each opponent (ring, ring, ring…) by looking at their strengths and evaluate schematically what we can do."

I appreciated Coach Treadwell's taking the time to talk to me, but I left the interview with a terrible headache (ring, ring, ring…).


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