Bearcats & BCS?

Don't be surprised when you hear the University of Cincinnati and BCS in the same sentence. It's going to happen.

While not ready to place the Bearcats into a National Championship game involving the BCS, fans of the Bearcats are starting to witness what the future may hold. As a member of the Big East Conference, along with a schedule considered one of the hardest in the country, the Bearcats will find their name along the likes of several of the countries top teams.

The 2005 season is one of many first for the young Bearcats. In only his second year at the helm, Bearcats head coach Mark Dantoino has taken the steps needed to ensure success during the next several seasons. Every program must go through some growing pains, and the Bearcats are experiencing them now. By playing several "True" freshmen early and often, a core group of players will be looked upon to take the Bearcats to the next level. While this season is one still under construction, the future looks brighter then ever for University of Cincinnati football.

I don't expect this team to play in a BCS Bowl Game this season. They are young at almost every position on the field. The experience these players are getting this season will allow Coach Dantonio to have the Bearcats battling for Big East and BCS spots in the years to come.

So when the list start coming out showing the Bearcats in the mix for the BCS, don't be shocked. It's going to be an every year occurrence as the players become top performers in the Big East.

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