BCI Media: Coach Dantonio & River City Trophy

Bearcat Insider spoke One-on-One with University of Cincinnati Head Coach Mark Dantonio about this weeks game (Pitt) and also about several positions on the field.

Saturday may start the Bearcats era in the Big East, but it will also mark the start of the River City Rivalry, a game designed to spark the yearly battle between the University of Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. While the two cities are not new to each other, battles between professional baseball and football teams yearly, this will mark the first time the two major colleges in each city will try and reach the same level of fan interest as their pro counterparts.


While the game itself is one of great interest as both teams have seen their share of struggles, the trophy and way the Bearcats will arrive to the game makes this an interesting trip of the young Bearcats. While most teams travel on Friday and stay close enough to take a bus into the stadium. The Bearcats will stay outside of Pittsburgh and take a River Boat ride that will dock at Heinz Field. The idea of the boat ride came from Bob Goin, Cincinnati Athletic Director.

Bearcat Insider spoke One-on-One with Bearcats Head Coach Mark Dantonio about this weekend and the start of Big East play along with a short clip of the trophy the two teams will battle for.



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