Bearcat Photos: UConn

**This week saw many new people learn about Bearcat Insider. Because of this were making our UConn photos free for those who want to see what they will get from Bearcat Insider.

It was homecoming on the campus of the University of Cincinnati. And while other web sites will give you the AP story and a couple of photos, Bearcat Insider has many and is still working on our complete coverage of the days big events.

At halftime a new King and Queen were named for the days big events.

Stars for the day were many and to start we'll give you a few photos of the Bearcats running backs.

Bradley Glatthaar, Butler Benton and Greg More all had big days during the Bearcats victory over the Huskies.

Bradley Glatthaar Running Hard

And Then Scores

And Scores Again

The "Man from Glatt" is a happy Bearcat

Greg Moore gave the Huskies DB fits

Just Ask Taylor

Butler Benton wasn't going to left out

But the running backs weren't the only ones getting into the action. Tight end Connor Barwin pulled in another touchdown.

TD Connor Barwin

On defense Mike Mickens has seen teams try and pick on him, but UConn saw why Coach Dantonio has started Mickens from day one of the season.

Almost An INT

Almost an INT

Another Pass Breakup

And then a INT for Mickens

The defense also gave great pressure during the day and Adam Roberts, Terrill Bryd, Trevor Anderson, Thomas Claggett and Tony Carvitti gave the Huskies offensive line fits.

Adam Roberts takes to the air

And the ground

Anderson and Claggett get into the action

And More Pressure

And More Pressure

Tony Carvitti helmet to the numbers

Terrill Bryd makes the hit just at the point of release

And then gives the arm pump

But while the defensive tackles and ends had a big day, the defensive backs also gave pressure on the Huskies quarterback as Antoine Horton shows here.

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