Q & A: Bradley Glatthaar

For those who had the pleasure of watching University of Cincinnati running back Bradley Glatthaar in high school, one thing stood out about the Elder High School graduate. His vision and ability to keep his feet when running the football.

With cat like balance Glatthaar combines size 5'11 - 225 lbs. and the ability to keep his feet even when he's receiving contact from defenders. A vision runner who has a knack of finding the hole and getting positive yards, Glatthaar has seen his carries increase in starting five of the six Bearcats games this fall. On the season he's averaging 4.9 yards per carry in racking up 407 net yards on 83 carries with 7 touchdowns. While Bradley was only a freshman last season he remembers last years Louisville game and spoke with Bearcat Insider about this and more.

Bearcat Insider: Let's talk about this week's game, Louisville. Do you still have a taste in your mouth from last year?

Bradley Glatthaar: I thing about it pretty much every day. It was almost embarrassing

Bearcat Insider: You're a young player and talk about how last years game has stuck with you. Is it easy to put this game out of your head and think about more then this being a rivalry game and it's a Big East game?

Bradley Glatthaar: I think of this game as a rivalry game first, and a conference game second.

Bearcat Insider: This past week the team earned this first Big East win while many didn't feel you had a chance. Do you feel this team has a belief in each other?

Bradley Glatthaar: We know were not going to be favored in any of our games this season. So we came together and told each other what we had and we need to build from this win.

Bearcat Insider: Talk about your choice coming out of high school. The recruiting process didn't see you get lots of press even with your great career at Elder. Why did you pick UC and stay close to home?

Bradley Glatthaar: I wanted to stay close to home because of my family and friends. With the team moving into the Big East has given me the chance to be the first at something. So that was a big part of my decision.

Bearcat Insider: What would you tell other Cincinnati kids who have a chance to play at UC?

Bradley Glatthaar: Give it a chance. We've got a lot of great things going on here.

Bearcat Insider: You played in high school for a great coach, talk about Coach Dantonio and what he's like?

Bradley Glatthaar: He's a family guy first. He always talks about dong things the right way.

Bearcat Insider: This year your Elder Panthers are having a tough year, what would you tell them?

Bradley Glatthaar: Keep fighting.

Bearcat Insider: Do you every get a chance to go back and watch a game?

Bradley Glatthaar: I've watched a couple games. I don't really get a chance to talk with the players but I've spoke with a couple of the coaches.

Bearcat Insider: Talk about the depth at running back and how you guys get along?

Bradley Glatthaar: People always ask about how we get along. Are you guy's friends? Because we compete everyday some would think were not friends, but we know were all trying to get wins and that is what counts. Were together everyday so were close.

Bearcat Insider: Let's talk about your running style, your hard to bring down. Do you understand how you run? Is it instinct? Or are you a vision runner?

Bradley Glatthaar: It's both, I know I'm a vision type of runner and then I think the rest is instinct.

I would like to thank Bradley for taking the time and talking about himself. It's something he's not comfortable doing as he's always been a team first type of guy. You can watch Bradley and the Bearcats battle Louisville on Saturday at 12:00 in Nippert Stadium.

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