Final Thoughts of Two Bearcats

Today is the offical last day of two men who served the University of Cincinnati with greatness. Mr. Bob Goin and Mr. Dean Billick will both walk out of the Edwards Center today for the last time as members of the Bearcats Athletic Staff. Bearcat Insider spoke with both men at a special lunch held on Tuesday. Premium Members can view the video interviews of each.

When UC Athletic Director Bob Goin walks out his office for the last time on Wednesday afternoon, he will know he had a big part in the former and future success of the University of Cincinnati athletic program. But as Mr. Goin walks out of the Edwards Center for the last time as athletic director, he will not make the walk alone. Besides Mr. Goin leaving the university, his right hand man for the three years Dean Billick, will make the same walk. Both men have worked hard over the course of their tenures to move Cincinnati into the forefront of college athletics. Bearcat Insider looks at both these fine men and sees what they have left behind.


Holding his position since 1997, Goin leaves having ushered in the Bearcats arrival to the Big East and the building of the Richard E. Lindner Varsity Village, set to open this spring. A 1959 graduate of Bethany College, Bob Goin has spent his life working in college athletics.

While at UC, Mr. Goin saw many changes in the athletic program. Here are just a few.

Percentage of Female Student-Athletes rose to 50.5% from 36.1%

Graduation Rate of UC Student-Athletes rise to 65% from 48%

Budget for UC Athletics rise to $25 million from $14 million

Over $100 million in facilities upgrades or construction since 1997

Postseason Appearances 49 (Prior to 1997 UC Football hadn't been to a bowl game since 1951. They now have been to five bowls in the past eight years.)

All-Americans - 37

Academic All-Americans - 14

Winning Percentage of Bearcat teams of 58.8%. (Four of the universities top winningest sports years have happened in the past eight years.)

Mr. Goin and his wife Nancy will soon leave the harsh winters of Southwest Ohio for the warm weather of Florida. This will allow the Goin family to be closer to all their children and grandchildren, as the farthest will be no more then two hours away.

Bearcat Insider has enjoyed a great relationship with Mr. Goin during the past twelve months and wouldn't be in the position of covering the Bearcats without his support. We wish him the best in his retirement and hope he keeps following the Bearcats on Bearcat Insider.

We sat down with Mr. Goin on Tuesday afternoon at a special luncheon Bearcat Insider was invited to and have this One-on-One video interview with the former head of the Bearcats athletic program.




While fans of the Bearcats got the chance to know and see Athletic Director Bob Goin, it's the people behind the scenes that help make a department work. W. Dean Billick has provided this role within the athletic department since May of 2002.

As Deputy Director of Athletics, Billick is the man behind the athletic director who makes sure the 18-sport intercollegiate athletic program runs on a daily basis. With over 40 years of experience in athletic administration, the Pennsylvania State alum has seen the growth of college athletics to an all-time high. Both Mr. Billick and Mr. Goin will be missed at the University of Cincinnati.

Mr. Billick and his wife Pam look to enjoy some time together after spending the many years working in college athletics rat-race of 24-7.

Bearcat Insider has also enjoyed a great working relationship with Mr. Billick over the past year and wishes him the best in his retirement. We also sat down and spoke with Mr. Billick about his time in college athletics and the University of Cincinnati.


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