Jacob Ramsey Talks About Official Visit

Bearcat verbal commitment Jacob Ramsey talks about his official visit last week on the Cincinnati campus.

I've been covering recruiting for over seven years and still enjoy talking with young men who have great manners and the ability to express what they feel. One of the players I've enjoyed speaking with this year has been Jacob Ramsey of Independence High School in Columbus, Ohio.

The 5'11/210lb. running back went under the radar after missing his junior season due to injury, but after hitting a couple of camps and getting his senior tape out, Ramsey has earned a Top 100 Midwest prospect rating from Scout.com.

I've had the pleasure to speak with Jacob on a couple of occasions during the past six months, and enjoy each time I get the chance to talk with the future Bearcat. Last weekend, Jacob and his family spent the weekend getting to know more about the college he's given his verbal commitment to and spoke with Bearcat Insider about his visit.

Insider: How was your visit?

JR: It was real good. I got to see everything again and take my time and learn more about the campus.

Insider: Did you try to do any recruiting of the other players who were on their visits?

JR: Yes sir, we've got to get more top players to commit. I worked real hard on Barry Church.

Insider: Who was your host for the weekend?

JR: DeAngelo Smith, he's also from Independence High School.

Insider: What do you like most about the Bearcats program?

JR: I feel they have a great coaching staff with a great head coach. He's building a program and putting it in the right direction with a nice goal.

Insider: Have you made a choice on the area you want to study?

JR: I'm looking at communications and economics right now.

Insider: What did you arrive for your visit and where did you stay?

JR: My mother, grandmother and I stayed at the Marriott. It's the same hotel the teams stay at. It was real nice.

Insider: Did you go to the basketball game?

JR: Yes, we only stayed until halftime. My mother and grandmother were real tired and they wanted to get some rest, so I left with them.

Insider: Are you a basketball fan?

JR: I like basketball. But I'm not a real big fan.

Insider: Did you go to dinner with any of the coaches?

JR: Yes, we had a great dinner at an Italian restaurant. All the coaches were there with their families and it had a real family feeling. I got to meet some of the directors and doctors at dinner.

Insider: What have the coaches told you to expect when you arrive on campus?

JR: The told me they like the way I carry the ball, and if I do all the work on and off the field, they will find a way to get me the ball.

Insider: Are you now a 100% commitment?

JR: Yes!

Insider: So are you planning any more visits?

JR: Akron has been talking with my coach and athletic director. They want me to come up and see what they have and compare the two schools and make a choice. I may do that, but I really like everything about Cincinnati.

Insider: What impressed you most about UC Football?

JR: I really like the campus, the staff and attitude of the staff. I also like the environment and conference they play in.

Insider: What one thing did you take away from your visit?

JR: UC is a young team with a coaching staff building a program they can turn over to the players and win championships. I want to be part of that.

I would like to thank Jacob for taking the time and talking about his visit at UC and for allowing Bearcat Insider to keep in contact with him over the past six months.

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