Coach Dantonio Statement

Some have posted Bearcats Head Football Coach Mark Dantonio is having problems with President Zimpher, we went to the source and got his response in this matter.

Last week rumors started floating around message boards about troubles between Coach Mark Dantonio and President Nancy Zimpher. After receiving several e-mails and even some postings on our message boards about the truth in this matter, I wasted little time in reaching out and contacting Coach Dantonio for an official response.

Today Bearcat Insider received a response by email from the Bearcats Head Coach in the matter and here is his official response.

Dear Dave-

Concerning the subject of problems with President Zimpher, there is absolutely no truth to it.  We have a very solid relationship and I am looking forward to our future here at UC.  It is our intent to bring a Big East Championship in the sport of football to our university and city.  We will stay the course.


Mark Dantonio

While I knew there was no truth to this subject, I wanted to get an official response from Coach Dantonio so those who are trying to stir the pot can stop looking to create trouble. Keep in mind recruits and their family visit web-sites of the schools they are considering. The football staff is working their tail off in building the Class of 2006, and for anyone to post information stating a coach is having a problem at a university they have a real interest in is not helping that coach or his staff as they work the recruiting trail.

I would like to thank Coach Dantonio for his response and hope this ends all talks of him having issues with the University of Cincinnati or President Zimpher.

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