Recruiting Update: Barry Church

Bearcat Insider speaks with the father of UC prospect Barry Church to learn more about the talented linebacker prospect.

Bearcat Insider spoke to Barry Church Sr. on Monday afternoon to inquire about his talented son, Barry Jr. (known as BJ in the Church household). Last week BJ told BCI that he expected to make a college decision after last week's visit to Toledo, but Barry Sr. said that's not likely to happen. "We spoke after this week's visit, and BJ felt a bit overwhelmed. We decided that we needed to take some time and let everything settle in. Then we'll sit down as a family and make a decision."

That decision on a college choice will come down to more than one factor according to Mr. Church. "Of course, we're concerned about his academics first. I want to also feel comfortable with where he goes. I want to make sure he'll be taken care of by people that care."

Mr. Church was asked about his son's strengths. "I think he has a good knowledge of the game. Of course, his ability is a strength too. I'd also say that he has a willingness to learn and be coached."

Barry's father had no reservations about his son's expected move to outside linebacker in college. "We played a 4-4 defense at Penn Hills, and they were always creeping their safeties up, and that's actually where he played his best football. He's about 6' 2 1/2" tall and about 208 pounds right now. I think he can put on another 10 to 15 pounds. I always thought he'd be a linebacker in college anyway."

Although some have reported that Barry is planning other visits, that is not accurate information according to Mr. Church. "We have no other visits planned. We're deciding between Cincinnati and Toledo."

Cincinnati's membership in the Big East will not be a factor in Barry's decision according to his father. "No. The league isn't a factor for us. We're planning to travel wherever he goes and distance or a league isn't that important."

So when is a decision expected to happen? Mr. Church didn't set an exact time. "I want BJ to take some time away from the recruiters, and I wouldn't expect us to make a decision until after the Holidays."

Mr. Church was agreeable to continue to talk to BCI about his son's impending decision so BCI will stay in touch with the Churches and report any developments.

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