BCI Addresses Colerain Rumors

BCI searches for the truth about rumors on current and former players from one of Ohio's top High School programs.

Bearcat Insider contacted a source inside the Colerain football program that wished to remain anonymous and asked about the persistent and recent rumors regarding Cardinal players.

Mister Simpson

Class of 2005

Cobrani Mixon

Class of 2006

This source stated there was a lot of creditability regarding the persistent rumors about Mister Simpson's happiness at Michigan. Coach Carr apparently spoke to Simpson during the season and asked him to remain with the program throughout the season and then evaluate his situation and options. This source felt that Simpson was somewhat unpredictable and could end up anywhere, including remaining at Michigan.

Our informed source was certain that Cobrani Mixon would honor his commitment to the University of Michigan. He stated that Mixon did spend some time second guessing his decision to go to Ann Arbor (thus the recent rumors) but was now a solid commitment to the Wolverines and would go there next year.

University of Cincinnati assistant coach Tim Hinton was at Colerain today (Monday) and spoke with Cardinal kicker Matt Schulte and offensive lineman Eric Ornella. Our source stated that he thinks UC looks at Ornella as a "tweener" despite his 6' 3.5" frame and 285 pounds. Ornella is an excellent student and wants to pursue a degree in engineering. He has been contacted by Northwestern, and Fisher DeBerry of Air Force visited with the big tackle today. Coach Dantonio took tape on Ornella recently and was to view that tape today.

The last person discussed was safety Eugene Clifford. The Bearcats along with every other program in the country are already recruiting this talented junior, but Clifford may be the only Division IA recruit for the Cardinals next season.

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