It's Time For Fans & Media To Show Support

While some fans have made the choice to stay away from the men's basketball games, maybe they should look at giving their support for the 7-1 women's team as they get ready to head into Big East play.

Saturday afternoon the University of Cincinnati played a basketball game and defeated an opponent in grand style. But while this was going on, not many outside of Fifth Third Arena knew about it. No, I'm not talking about the Men's game with Tennessee Tech; I'm talking about the Women's team as they defeated Indiana. Now don't get me wrong, IU is not a powerhouse team in the Big Ten, but they are still a quality team and one that is surprising many with their early start under a new coach.

All the Bearcats did on this day was play solid defense forcing IU to 22 turnovers and hold all but one player to under double figures for the day. But while other programs like UConn and Tennessee would have sold out crowd, the Bearcats played in front of just over 300 fans. But while I wish this story was about only the lack of turnout for the women's game, its not. My biggest problem is with the overall coverage this team is receiving from the media.

On Saturday, only one media person was on hand, Casey Weldon from Bearcat Insider was that person. And while Casey enjoys giving the team coverage, he along with many can't understand why a few reporters can't show up and watch a women's game a few hours before they do a men's game. In fact, Casey has seen almost all of the women's home games this year and has been the only reporter at all most all of them.<[> As a basketball and University of Cincinnati reporter, Casey feels it's his job to show up and cover the women's team just as he does the men's team. But for some reason, Casey is alone in this goal.

When the University of Cincinnati entered the Big East, it not only embarked on a conference that is considered by many to be the best men's conference, but also one that is deep with talent and tradition in the women's game. With the likes of Notre Dame, UConn, Rutgers and DePaul all part of the conference, women's hoops is big time. Just one look at the Top 25 will show you how tough a schedule this team will face in the coming weeks.

With all four of the teams listed about ranked in the Top 25, it's time University of Cincinnati backers get ready to help support Coach Laurie Pirtle and her team by showing up and cheering them on. If Rutgers and DePaul can get between 2,000 and 4,000 fans to a women's basketball game, UC can follow suite and show their support.

The team has started off with a 7-1 record and will host Toledo on Tuesday night in Fifth Third Arena at 7:00p.m. But while it would be nice to see a big crowd on this game, it's the following home game were Bearcat fans need to look at coming out for.

Ranked Big East member Rutgers will head into Fifth Third Arena on Tuesday January 3 for a 7:00p.m. contest. Let's spread the word and get UC Women's Basketball headed in the right direction.

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