Is He A Bearcat?

One of the biggest football prospects in Ohio for the Class of 2005 is looking for a home, is he a Bearcat? Or did someone else get him.

Bearcat Insider was the first to inform Bearcat Football fans of the prospects of Freddie Lenix becoming a Bearcat. After waiting to hear if he enrolled at the University of Cincinnati, we started working the phone and contacted a source close to Freddie who told us the following.

"Freddie is enrolled at UC and taking classes now."


With Freddie Lenix now being part of the Bearcats Class of 2006 he brings several things much needed to the program.

1. Speed, the Bearcats need for speed is well known by fans after watching other Big East teams during the past season. Lenix, a member of the Glenville High School track team, won state titles at the Cleveland, Ohio high school, but was not the fastest player in the school. But how many players are as fast as Ted Ginn Jr.? Not many. But while Ginn Jr. is a lightweight, Lenix is a 5'11 - 195 lb. wrecking ball who will play outside linebacker for UC. He's also talented enough to be a running back or play corner if needed.

2. Athletic ability that can't be taught is another positive Lenix brings to the Bearcats program. This kid is a stud and will be an instant impact player if he comes in with the right attitude. When looking for a weakness you will have a long look.

3. Credibility is earned in college football. Players who are considered top prospects with offers from Ohio State, Iowa, Michigan State and Wisconsin going to a program being built show other top players they feel the program is headed in the right direction.

4. Pipeline! What is pipeline you ask? Look at the pipeline from Lenix high school Glenville to Ohio State and you see what I mean. Now, other Glenville players who are looking for a home besides Ohio State can look a little farther south on I-71 and head to Cincinnati.

Lenix had a great high school career and his bio is very impressive. He was the number 27th ranked linebacker in the country for the Class of 2005. Here is his bio as per his player page on

HIGH SCHOOL/PERSONAL: One of Ohio's best players in 2004. Final SR (12-2) stats: He had 147 tackles, 12 sacks, two picks (both returned for TDs), two fumbles caused and two fumbles recovered (one for a score). Lenix reports a 3.4 GPA. Chose Ohio State in January over Iowa and Wisconsin. Even though he was an outstanding linebacker at Glenville, Lenix could get looks at running back or defensive back at Ohio State.

Lenix was a Midwest Top 100 player by and considered a very good recruit for Ohio State coming out of high school.

Bearcat Insider is working on getting an official quote from the University of Cincinnati football program and also an interview with Freddie.


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