Happy Birthday To Bearcat Insider

As a gift to those who visit this site but yet to make the plunge, here is some information our premium members have enjoyed for a few days. I would also like to thank several people who made our first year a success.

Its official, Bearcat Insider has lasted for one complete year and is bigger and stronger. So as my gift to all Bearcat fans who visit this site, I'm giving you a little information on the players who've given their verbal commitments.

The first one is a lineman from Jacksonville, Florida. C.J. Cobb stands 6'4 310 lbs. and will be heading to Cincinnati next fall ready to battle and become a player the Bearcats need along the trenches. Bearcat Insider board member and big-time Bearcat fan Crewdogz released this information to the free public, but members of Bearcats Insider have known sine the 4th about Cobb giving his verbal. I tried to call him tonight but had no luck in getting in touch with him. But we'll get it done.

The second verbal is one many Bearcat fans have hoped for. Aaron Webster has given his verbal commitment. While he had a visit set for Wisconsin, were not sure if he's still headed that way. We've also got a call into Aaron about his Bearcat commitment.

And as many know Jason Whitehead has also given the Bearcats his verbal commitment. Members can read all about Jason in the story posted Thursday night.

What does this mean to the Bearcats football program? Well lets break down were the program is at for the Class of 2006.

Here are the 16 players who will receive scholarships counted against the Class of 2006.

1. Brandon Miller - safety
2. Marcus Barnett - receiver
3. Toby Boeckman - TE/DE/OL
4. John Goebel - RB/LB
5. Jacob Ramsey - RB/LB
6. Ben Guidugli - LB
7. Mario Duenas - OL - JUCO in school
8. Chris Harrison - DL
9. Ken Rodriguez - OL - JUCO in school
10. Derrick Stewart - Ath - Class 2005 didn't meet NCAA in school at UC
11. Curtis Smith - DE - Same as Stewart (both now part of 06 class)
12. Freddie Lenix - LB/RB/S - OSU signed class 05, in school at UC
13. Kevin McCullogh - LB - walk-on who earned schollie
14. Jason Whitehead - DB -
15. Aaron Webster - S/LB
16. CJ Cobb - Lineman


How many scholarships will the Bearcats give out this year? Here is how I see the breakdown so far. With the numbers already accounted for and the comments by Coach Dantonio to prospects we've spoken with it looks as if the Bearcats will give out at least 20 total in this class. But with any other changes in players who may not be coming back we could see that number climb 2 or 3 more. I expect to see around 22 scholarships given out and a 23 one if a special player comes along.

We're also working on some other names we've come up with on players who may be looking at UC. So if you're not a member you better look into becoming one. Here is a post from our Premium Members Board "Par's Place" from one of our new Premium Members to Bearcat Insider.

BearcatOldTimer posted the following.

"Looks like an impressive list for this weekend. Thank you for the information. Until joining, I absolutely could not get enough content on this team. I am really excited about where the Bearcat football program is headed."

"The Lenix story from earlier this week was the bait that finally drew me in. I'm glad it did. Also, it seems to be a good, level-headed group that posts here. I hope this remains the case."

"Can't wait for the next recruiting update. Keep up the good work."

I want to thank BearcatOldTimer for the nice words about the work we are doing.


We've also seen some growth to the site on our message boards. The comments being made by many have been positive about the direction we've taken and I'm glad everyone is enjoying the chance to post. But behind the scenes we've been working to bring more people to the site then just Tim, Casey, Jfox3, BearcatDrew and myself. So this week we've added two more members to the site that have our respect.

Both UCLemminwinks and CincyMarcus are known around the other Bearcat Message Boards on the internet. Now both are part of Bearcat Insider fulltime as moderators for the boards, also keep a look out for some other information from these two as we'll put them to work here and there when we do chats or other content that will include all the members of the site. Marcus will also be getting involved with more recruiting information and looking to cover more of the high school players in Southwest Ohio.


Don't forget to watch the game this Saturday. It will be on NBC and many of the future stars of college football will be in this game.


Well now it's time to wrap this up, but I'm telling you the party is only starting. National Signing Day is only 25 days away and you won't want to miss all the coverage we're going to have this year. Bearcat Insider will have more info and coverage of this very important day then anyone else.

Also, Bearcats Men's and Women's Basketball is heating up with both teams having great seasons, we'll keep working to bring more hoop info as we grow.

Remember, Bearcat Insider is the only internet site covering the Bearcats with media access. We cover as many games as possible and bring you story information you can't find anywhere else. Our first year alone we posted over 620 stories on the Bearcats. That's over 51 stories a month. Show me someone else who can match that amount of content on the Bearcats.


I would like to send out special thanks to the following people who have given this site great support.

Mark & Becky Dantonio, Mark Staten, Don Treadwell, Pat Narduzzi, Harlon Barnett, Dan Enos, Ted Gill, Tim Hinton, Dan Roushar, Mike Tressel, Tim Swanger, John Widecan, Tim Daoust, Greg Bruner, Maria Gruber, Chris Newman, Adam Shorter, Mr. Bob Goin, Mr. Dean Billick, Brian Teter, Paul Klaczak, Michelle McBride, Tom Hathaway, Jason Collins-Baker, Scott Wilhoit, Jeff Smith, Laurie Pirtle, Andy Kennedy, Hylton Dayes, Brian Cleary, Reed Sunahara, Dave Andrews, Mike & Jenifer Thomas, Skip, Dan Hoard, Ron Lehman, Jim Kelly, Jr., Scott Springer, Jeff Piecoro, Geoff Wiswell, Shawn Sell and Ron Young

I also want to thank Greg Donaldson who has shown great support in my dream of building this site and the magazine that is getting ready to get even bigger, along with Joe Revels who allows me the chance to vent and run things by him good and bad. The support has been great over the past year.

Tim and Casey I can't say enough. These two men who've worked hard in building this site love the chance to cover UC Athletics and have committed many hours over the past year to bring many great articles to our members.

To those in the tailgating group, you know who you are and I can't thank you enough for the support and the food during the past football season. I'm ready for the spring game and a chance to talk football again.

To all you who have spent your money by being a premium member of this site, "Thank You!" Without you this site would have died before it got off the ground.

Well it's time to move along and get back to work. If you've not tried Bearcat Insider take it for a ride for 7 days at no cost. Here is to a great second year and even more great Bearcat athletics news.


Dave Berk


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