Q & A After Return From Official Visit

Bearcat Insider spoke with this prospect after returning from his official visit. See what he's got to say about Cincinnati and when he may make his choice.

This weekend saw several players take official visits at the University of Cincinnati. One of those is Darius Morris of Long Branch High School (Long Branch, NJ) spoke with Bearcat Insider after returning home from his visit. Here is a short Q & A with Darius.

BCI: How was your trip to Cincinnati?

DM: It was good. It was a very good visit.

BCI: Who was your host?

DM: Corey Smith.

BCI: Did you expect to have a player from New Jersey be your host?

DM: No, I thought I would have someone from around there host me.

BCI: Did you guys have a good time?

DM: Yes, we hung out and went to the game, we had a good time.

BCI: Did you enjoy the game?

DM: Yes, I think UC could have won if they would've done what they did in the first half.

BCI: What did you like about your visit?

DM: I like the area the school is in. It reminds me of home.

BCI: What did you think of the coaches?

DM: I really liked them. They are really good coaches.

BCI: What did you think of Coach Dantonio?

DM: I really like him. He's a very good coach and person.

BCI: When do you think you will make your choice?

DM: I hope to make my choice at the end of the week if all goes well.

BCI: What have the coaches told you about the position you'll play if you come to UC?

DM: They don't know if I'll be a defensive end or tackle.

BCI: So while everyone is looking at you to play offensive line the coaches are looking at you for defense?

DM: Yes.

BCI: Do you prefer to play defense?

DM: Yes, I like playing defense.

BCI: What part of New Jersey is Long Branch in?

DM: It's in the central part of the state.

BCI: Do you feel you would have a problem being away from home?

DM: No, that won't be a problem.

BCI: What did you think about all the construction going on at UC?

DM: When it's finished it's going to be real good. I was impressed with what I saw.

BCI: Have you thought about what you might study in college?

DM: No, I don't know yet.

BCI: You had to be impressed with what Corey has done by being a 2nd Team All-Big East as a true freshman?

DM: Yes, I'm very impressed not only with him, but with all the young players they have.

I would like to thank Darius for taking the time and talking about his visit. We'll check back with him later in the week to see if' he's made his decision.

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