Is Daniel Hathaway A Bearcat?

One of the prospects being sought by the Bearcats coaching staff has the Bearcats high on his list. Just where is his recruiting at this point? Bearcat Insider has the latest.

Last weekend Daniel Hathaway gave University of Cincinnati Head Football Coach Mark Dantonio his verbal commitment. This weekend, Hathaway, a 6'7.5 290 lb. Junior College offensive line prospect we see if his feelings for the Bearcats stay that way.

"I'm a soft verbal." Said Hathaway by phone when asked about his commitment to the Bearcats. "San Diego State has invited me in for a visit and with them being only down the highway from home makes the attractive."

When asked what percentage he would place on his Bearcat commitment, Hathaway said he was 85-90% sure he would be a Bearcat when it was all said and done. "I've also got Wyoming calling and wanting me to make a visit with them. They wanted me to come out this weekend, but I'm going to look at San Diego State and then I should know for sure."

During our conversation Hathaway spoke highly about his visit and the direction the Bearcats are headed in. "My visit went real well. I really liked the staff and Coach Dantonio. I see a team on the upswing that will play some of the best competition in the country. My Junior College team just won a national championship and I enjoyed that feeling so much I want to be part of a program that will fight for a conference title and the chance to play in a big bowl. I see Cincinnati as one of the "Top Five" teams in the conference and feel they have the talent from last year's class and this year's class to be even better. The ultimate goal is to play in a BCS game and I can see Cincinnati doing that in the future."

While Daniel Hathaway may have gone under the radar since his arrival to Grossmont Junior College, out of high school he saw several programs look to recruit him. "I had several Pac-10 programs and all the Mountain West programs looking at me. But when they saw my grades they said no thanks."

Hathaway will have three years to finish his final two years of college play. One question Tim Adams wanted asked about Daniel concerned his weight listed in previous news articles of over 300 lbs. Daniel explained many things have changed since then. "I didn't do any cardio work then. I weighed over 330 lbs. and knew I needed to be lower to become a better player. I started doing some running and dropped the weight and it allowed me to see some great improvement in my play. I run a 5.0 forty now and have very quick feet."

While Hathaway would come into a program needing help along the offensive line, he also knows he's got to work on his game. "I need to get stronger and do more weight room work." But when asked about what he feels are his strengths as a player, Hathaway got right to the point. "I feel I've got very good feet and get into a nice pass set with a very good punch."

Coming from the one of this country great weather spots, Hathaway didn't shy away from talking about the difference in weather Cincinnati has. "I don't see the weather being a factor. We played a game against another JC team and at game time it was only in the low 30's. You just have to get used to it and adjust."

One thing Daniel spoke about was his visit and the recruiting process. "Coach Dan Roushar is the coach who's been recruiting me. He along with Coach Staten and Coach Tressel have all played a part in my recruiting to Cincinnati. Coach Roushar has gotten to know my grandparents and that is very important to me." Daniel, who lives with his grandparents also, has a younger sister and that could play a part in him changing his mind and heading to hometown San Diego State. "I'm going to see what they have, but I should know come Monday."

Looking at his body of work, Hathaway stated winning the junior college national championship will last the rest of his life. But while winning is important, this self-made man also talked about the work to get there. "I enjoy the spring. Every spring the real work comes into play and then you work hard until it's time for the season where you get to see all the results from the hard work."

During his career Hathaway played major minutes as a freshman, and started every game his second year. He can play guard or tackle and on either side of the line.

One thing we try to do is getting to know a little more about a prospect. We asked Daniel one of the main questions we ask almost all prospects. What type of food do you like to eat? "I really like Mexican food. Being here in San Diego, we have some great Mexican food." When the subject changed to his music likes, Daniel wasn't as fast to answer. "I like lots of different types of music. I listen to hip-hop, rap and about every type of music there is."

So this weekend we either open or close the door on Daniel Hathaway being a Bearcat. Daniel agreed to speak with Bearcat Insider on Monday about his college choice. I would like to thank Daniel for taking the time and talking about his recruiting and I wish him the best.

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