Archived Broadcast "Signing Day 2006"

Go back and listen or listen for the first time to Bearcat Insiders live web cast during Signing Day 2006 with Bearcats Head Coach Mark Dantonio and Coach Mark Staten.

One week ago, Bearcat Insider held a first in Bearcats coverage.  With the help of Bearcats Head Coach Mark Dantonio and Coach Mark Staten, BCI conducted a "Live" web cast from the University of Cincinnati to give Bearcat fans complete coverage of the Class of 2006.

Thanks to Wendy's and former Bearcat Jason Coppess, the event was a success and we look forward to being able to present more of these in the future.  The audio is a little rough, but we promise to work and get it better the next time around.


Bearcat Insiders Tim Adams (right) speaks with Coach Mark Staten during the live broadcast of Signing Day 2006 Sponsored by Wendy's.

The nice thing about the web cast, you can go back and listen to it for a few more weeks.  So if you missed it or just want to hear it again, click on the link below.


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