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See what Bearcat Insider feels are the special qualities of this newest Bearcat and also view his highlight as released by the Bearcats football program.

The first official verbal commitment for the University of Cincinnati Bearcats Class of 2006 came from local prep player Brandon Miller. While some may have forgotten this fact, some may not know much about Miller and his abilities on the field.

Playing for Coach Doc Gamble at Withrow High School, Miller ended his recruiting early and never looked back. When talking about the Class of 06, many forget what skills this young man will bring to the campus in Clifton when he enrolls and takes the field. The reason for much of this came because of an OHSAA rule that doesn't allow high school play after the age of 19. Miller, who was never held back, reached that age just before the cutoff date mandated by the OHSAA and wasn't able to be part of his teams success on the field. But his actions as a junior showed Bearcat coaches all they needed to see for them to make an early offer.

What skills will Miller bring to the Bearcats this fall? Let's take a look.


Miller is a pro-style safety who could grow into a powerful outside linebacker in college. With his 6'2 188 lb. frame, Miller has the size needed to compete at the highest levels of college football and should prove to be a steal when the time comes to look back at his career. Look for him to start off at the safety position and depending upon the weight gained over the course of the next two seasons he could see a change. He's also athletic enough to move over and play receiver if needed, but defense is his strong suit.


A recorded 4.59 forty may be slower then what Miller runs. No one really has a 40 time to go by, but his film shows a player who can go sideline to sideline and track down ball carriers or receivers. So I will give him a solid 4.5 and feel good with his speed to go with his height and size. The other thing he's able to use his speed for is running after the catch when he makes an interception.

Hit Nasty

Brandon Miller likes to bring the "wood" on defense. This is an area Bearcat fans will soon learn about from their hometown product. So over the next few years keep an eye out for some smash-mouth hits from the Bearcats defensive backfield.


One area the Bearcats staff seems to look hard at is a player's ability to be flexible; Miller shows great flexibility and hip movement. This athletic ability will serve him well in the college game and Bearcat fans need to only look at Mike Mickens to see why a defensive back being flexible is very important in the grand scheme of things.

But while Brandon won't take the field until the Bearcats report for fall camp, members of Bearcat Insider have a chance to see a few of his video clip highlights to get an idea about his ability.

Brandon Miller Video Clip

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