Video & Breakdown: Freddie Lenix

Breakdown and video clip of new Bearcat Freddie Lenix.

Maybe no one understood what it meant to the Bearcats football program more the Freddie Lenix when he made the choice to enroll and sign to play for Coach Mark Dantonio. Not only is Lenix one of the most prized prospects to sign since Coach Dantonio took over the Bearcats program, he may be one of the most prized prospects to sign in the history of the school.

Expectations are at an all-time high for Lenix, as spring practice is right around the corner. But one thing known by those who follow recruiting is Lenix is such a special talent on one feels he can fail.

What does Freddie Lenix bring to the Bearcats? Let's take a look before you watch his highlight clip.


No one can take away the speed that comes out of the Glenville High School program. While much of the talk has focused on Ted Ginn Jr., Lenix was another key product of the track and football program. Fans saw what speed meant to other Big East programs and now have their own to watch and talk about.


Pound for Pound, Freddie Lenix is one tough football player. Because of his size, speed and strength, Lenix can line up at several different positions and excel.


When Freddie Lenix takes the field this spring, he will bring something Bearcat fans have not really seen in the past. Explosion.... The college game is built with players who can explode at the point of contact. That is what makes one player a 4 or 5 star prospect and another one a 1 or 2 star prospect. Lenix has all the tools needed to excel at the college level, all he needs to do is keep a solid work ethic and listen to his coaches. His explosion and natural ability will make him an impact player.


One of the biggest questions asked of the Bearcats staff has been were will Freddie Lenix play. Lenix can line up as a safety or outside linebacker on defense and could even lineup in the backfield and play running back. Coaches on both sides of the ball are going to fight for his services, but I expect the defensive side of the ball to win out.

So with out going much deeper, here is the video clip released by the University of Cincinnati football program on signing day.

Freddie Lenix Video

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