Behind The Scenes Look At UC/Nova

Every Bearcat fan has either watched and/or read about Thursday's game by now so BCI will report what you didn't see.

**There were at least 8 to 10 NBA scouts on hand Thursday evening. Among them was William Eddie of the Atlanta Hawks. BCI got Eddie's thoughts on several Bearcats beginning with Eric Hicks. "I think he's a great player. He gives you 110% all the time. He's very aggressive on the boards, and I think he's going to be a good role player in the NBA." Eric had 21 points, 9 rebounds and 4 blocks against Villanova, and Eddie just couldn‘t be too critical of Eric‘s game. "He has to extend his jump shot, but as far as playing inside, I don't think you'll get a better effort from anyone." Can a guy no taller than 6'6" play inside in the NBA? Eddie believes it's very possible. "I think he can because the way the game is played now there aren't a lot of guys being aggressive on the inside. The way he attacks the boards and his wide body on the inside, he'll do well." Eddie feels confident Hicks will be drafted. "I think he'll be drafted in the second round with all the double doubles he's been getting. He's doing a hell of a job on the inside."

Another Bearcat with NBA potential is James White. Due to foul trouble, White logged only 22 minutes in Thursday's game, and Eddie was just as concise in his praise for the high flyer from Maryland. "He's going to be a three in the NBA, and he's going to get drafted too. I really like James White. This is my third time here watching him."

Despite being only a freshman, Eddie was asked to project what could happen with Devan Downey. "He's got NBA potential. He's going to mature, and he's doing a hell of a job for them now. He's quick with the ball. He's just going to have to pick his shots a little better. By the time he's a senior, he'll have an opportunity."

The fact that the Bearcats took the #2 team in the country down to the final shot did not surprise this NBA scout. "I really expected it to be a close game. The size of the Villanova players and the way the Cincinnati kids play seemed like it would be close to me. I thought both teams played very well." Would Eddie give this Bearcat team an NCAA bid? "I think they deserve a bid. I really do."

William Eddie lives in the Detroit area, but his job sends him all over the country. He was next headed to Chicago to see DePaul this weekend and later would go out west to attend the Pac 10 tournament.

**The ESPN analyst assigned to Thursday's Cincinnati vs. Villanova game was Rick Majerus. The ex-Utah head coach apparently has more than just a big appetite. He also has a list of demands before calling a game.

Majerus wanted a seat cushion that would not only provide comfort for his flank but also provide a few inches of height. His girth prevents him from sitting too close to the table so he needed a little lift to get a good view of the near sideline. Rick also expects to have access to a pool so he can swim 2 hours prior to the game. A box of Kleenex is also a requirement accompanied by a trash can.

Apparently Dick Vitale always asks for decaffeinated tea. Can you imagine Vitale on caffeine?

**Cincinnati's average donation for UCATS members is about $1,500 per donor. Louisville has approximately 10,000 donors, but their average donation is much lower and therefore the two organizations earn about the same amount of money.

**There were approximately 8,000 Bearcat football season ticket holders last year.

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